Why Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says that “I fall in love with India”?

By | January 17, 2020

In India more than millions of products are offered through using Amazon as a platform by more than 540,000 by medium and small businesses.

Jeff Bezos says that there is a different kind of innovation, growth, revolution, alternation, and transformation in the people of India that inspire him that’s why Jeff Bezos says that he falls in love with India.

And he assures and aiming that his firm Amazon will create more than 10 lakh jobs in this growing Indian economy by 2025.

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And Jeff Bezos says that around 6-7 lakh jobs are already created in India by Amazon since 2013 because of more than 540,000 medium and small businesses in India are using Amazon as a platform to offer their millions of products.

And on Friday India’s Minister Piyush Goyal declared that India’s government allows and most welcome to all the investors or foreign Investment which are under the law of India’s government and also says they will take the strict action against those investment and businesses which are outside the legal awareness.

And CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos says that he invests 1 billion dollars in India for the small and medium businesses of India which are using Amazon as a platform for selling their products.

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Jeff Bezos in India

Bezos also announced that he invest 1$ Billion in India because Jeff says The Limitless innovation and energy of the country in India is unbelievable and also inspires him.

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