Modern Warfare 2 offers completionists plenty of unlocks to show off their dedication.

Over 180 Base camos are available at launch and can be applied to any weapon. In addition, there are exclusive Mastery camos for certain weapons.

Gold 1. Unlock Base camo challenges by leveling up your weapon. 2. Finish Base camo difficulties. 3. Finish Gold camo. This entails killing two to three times with each weapon without dying.

Platinum Next up is Platinum camo. These challenges involve assault rifles, battle rifles, SMGs, and marksman rifles.

Polyatomic unlocks when 51 weapons have Platinum camo. That's every weapon at launch.

It's also specialized to each weapon category, but most involve headshot kills.

Orion The definitive weapon camo and the recognized seal of excellence is Orion.

Once Polyatomic camo is unlocked on 51 weapons — this doesn't have to be the same 51 weapons at launch and can include later weapons — any weapon with Polyatomic camo will get Orion camo.