Tower of Fantasy is releasing Halloween-exclusive goodies for the Thorned Rose event. Unlock Halloween-themed cosmetics by participating.

Thorned Rose runs from October 26 to November 2 at 23:00. (UTC -4). 1 week

To view Thorned Rose, click the 'Rewards' gift-box symbol, like with Summer Seabreeze.

After that, they'll notice a title called 'Thorned Rose', which features an arcade-like crane machine with rewards that can be obtained using 'Rosy Gachapon Coins'

This is a low-cost Gacha Event, as the name suggests. Purchase Gachapon coins with Dark Crystals from the 'Limited Gift Pack' Store. This guide will help you farm Dark Crystals faster.

Rosy Banquet: New Halloween-themed skins for both the male and female characters – Rosy Letter: Hat accessory item again for both male and female characters – Halloween Mi-a: New Mi-a skin

Night of Fun: Halloween-themed Avatar frame – Candy Fest: Halloween-themed Chat Bubble – Pumpkin Enhancement: New Avatar icon

Many fans disliked another Gachapon event with paywalls. Some said that buying coins with 100 Dark Crystals is too expensive and suggested lowering the price or adding difficult, grind-heavy ways to earn coins.