Tower of Fantasy 1.5 introduced a new map, boss, enemies, outfits, accessories, and home island.

Crimson Meteor was added to the Vehicles menu so Tower of Fantasy players can speed around.

The glamorous motorcycle's bright crimson color makes it the collection's brightest star. The bike's crimson body, blueish neon wheels, and graffiti draw attention.

Players must unlock Artificial Island Construction (Build Mode) and collect 140 Tech Store Tokens to unlock the Crimson Meteor Vehicle.

Tech Store Tokens are only available on Artificial Island's Exchange Store, which requires level 60 or 840 exploration experience.

600 Quality Materials and Composite Materials are needed to trade for the remaining 40 Tokens. Bosses of Artificial Island Construction drop these rare construction materials.

Tower of Fantasy resources are obtained by defeating enemies, animals, and bosses like Hyena Thug, Steel Lizard, Honey Badger, Monkey Alpha, and Barbarossa. Travelers get island-clearing supplies.

Hyena Thug, Steel Lizard, Honey Badger, Monkey Alpha, and Barbarossa are Tower of Fantasy enemies, animals, and bosses. Island-clearing supplies are purchased.