To practice for esports tournaments or beat your friends at CSGO, you need the right monitor. To stand out in games, look for input delay options with expanded functionality.

Changing from a 60Hz to 144Hz monitor improves performance and stability. The LG 24GN650 is an affordable 144Hz 1080p monitor.

Investing in a 240Hz monitor like the ViewSonic XG2431 will liven up your setup. MBR technology and wide seeing let you recognize bad guys.

A true blue FPS player understands how the high refresh rate can scale up their gameplay. Acer XV252QF is a trusted monitor in this range.

High refresh rate and low response time are ideal for FPS gaming, but there are other factors that make a monitor dynamic.

– A refresh rate of 120 Hz or above. Anything below 1080p won’t cut it! – The response time should not be more than 3ms – G-Sync or FreeSync compatibility

– HDR and deep color gamut – Right Panel Technology

Monitors with IPS panel technology offer precise color detail and glass-like picture clarity. HDR and 4K technologies offer cheaper features.