Microsoft is working on a fix for 'affected games and apps' that accidentally enable GPU performance debugging features.

Windows 11 22H2 Update PC gamers, beware: Software bugs may slow performance.

Microsoft's support page warned on Thursday that Windows 11, version 22H2, may cause some games and apps to stutter.

In Windows 11 22H2, the company will fix it. Redmond has placed a “compatibility hold on devices affected by this issue from being offered or installing Windows 11, version 22H2.”

The company also suggests updating affected games and apps to their latest versions and hoping the issue is fixed. Microsoft did not specify affected GPUs or hardware configurations.

According to anecdotal evidence, some users have been experiencing significant lag since updating to the most recent version of Windows 11.

"I recently updated to 22H2, and now all of my games have incredibly inconsistent frame rates.

I have good gaming specs and have never experienced any problems," a user wrote back in September(Opens in a new window).