Nintendo and DeNa are developing many mobile games. The new Nintendo Systems division will create new mobile games after a string of successes.

Following record Nintendo mobile game downloads on Android and other platforms. Mario Kart Tour's sweeping changes may benefit mobile gaming.

Nintendo's mobile downloads are booming, according to President Shuntaro Furukawa. After years of underperformance reports, the company seems unconcerned.

As of October 2022, Nintendo games on smartphones have racked up over 800 million downloads. The developer's mobile games have sold more than the company's hardware in 160 countries.

Each of Nintendo's mobile releases has had a noteworthy leader. Fire Emblem Heroes is by far the most played mobile game created by the Japanese studio to date.

Gacha made $1 billion this year. Heroes, Nintendo's most popular game, has brought in revenue and revived interest in the mainline console series.

Unfortunately, Nintendo's mobile releases have been hit-or-miss. We hope the company's new titles will succeed in the new generation.

Any Nintendo franchises you wish on mobile?