Halloween is a big event in Fortnite because of the Fortnitemares event and the return of event skins. It's one of the game's best timed events, a fun time of year for Fortnite players.

Skull Trooper skins used to not include back bling. Since then, the Item Shop has changed, and Epic rarity skins must include a back bling and extra styles.

Epic Games decided to give away the Ghost Portal skin to all players who had previously purchased it. To do this, they added "Skull Trooper quests" that rewarded the Ghost Portal.

Single-match chests (6) Visiting a named location with a chest is a quick way to complete this quest. Hot drops are deadly POIs.

Complete Daily Bonus Goals (7) Three Daily Bonus Goals are allowed every day. First three daily quests give a Daily Bonus Goal. If a player completes all Daily Bonus Goals, this quest will take three days.

Deal damage to opponents in a single match (300) Team Rumble is a quick way to complete this objective without killing other players or wildlife.

Play matches with at least one elimination (14) Eliminations only count against enemy players, not wildlife. Tilted Towers and Rocky Reels are good early-game landing sites.

Play matches (50) This will likely take the longest. 50 matches will take hours. Enter a match, land, and eliminate yourself.