Popular video game developers are expanding the tools players use to create characters by downplaying gendered terms and untethering body type, voice, and other options from gender selection.

Why it matters: The industry is trying to be more inclusive by letting players see themselves in games.

-These changes make games friendlier to trans and non-binary players and those who want such characters. -They allow more gender-stereotype deviation.

A pre-release update for next week's World of Warcraft Dragonflight renames "male" and "female" for "body type 1" and "body type 2"

Blair Durkee, associate director of gaming at GLAAD, tells Axios that there has been a recent inflection point in how developers approach character creators.

Character creators are used to measure a game's inclusivity.

Since the medium's inception, game designers have had to represent their players.

The goal is to build a character creator that "understands all aspects of gender diversity," says Durkee.