A game controller is an input device used with games or theater settings to control a game's item or character.

Either because the game is or seems to be a control center port. Especially platformers and action movies. The button graphics would be easier to visualize "balanced" than on a console.

For flight games (real sims or arcade games like "free-roaming flying"), use the stick's unique properties. 360-degree development with travel control (for example strolling versus running)

In the eyes of everyone, neither consoles nor mice have this feature, whereas many controllers do

Squirming with a controller prevents carpal tunnel syndrome if you frequently use a mouse and console.

Console + mouse = double the USB ports. You'll need a level surface for the mouse and console. With controllers, people can game while seated.

Game controllers have a shell and a circuit. A shell is a plastic part that forms the controller's shape.

The controller has circuits. Controllers have conductive boards. The buttons' undersides are metal to complete the circuit with conductive strips.