Since 2013, GTA Online's fan-made servers have allowed millions of players to live out their role-playing fantasies.

2022 RP is booming. Despite being nearly ten years old, the game's servers are still packed with newcomers, veterans, and iconic streamers.

5. Eclipse RP Eclipse RP is a popular role-playing server due to its 200-player capacity, which is more than most alternatives.

 In Eclipse, players can join a citywide takeover, in which gangs struggle over a crime-ridden monopoly.

4. NoPixel NoPixel is a no-nonsense RP server with Twitch stars. The servers only hold 32 players, so anyone wanting to join must join a long waiting list.

3. Mafia City There are alternatives to Eclipse and NoPixel that can help you feel involved in roleplay.

2. Twitch RP Twitch RP is a role-playing server for Twitch streamers worldwide. As a result, players can feed their audiences by completing virtual quests in Los Santos, where crime isn't the only industry.

1. New Day RP New Day RP is a great method to move away from the usual roleplay situation. The server and community are intense, however.