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By | February 19, 2020

If you want to start your own E-commerce business, check out these 10 easy steps to start your E-commerce business.

Here you get the fresh E-commerce business ideas, E-commerce business examples, and E-commerce business opportunities available in your country.

The best E-commerce business examples in the world are for shopping Amazon, Flipkart, home shop18, eBay for hospitality OYO, yatra, make my trip.com, and Goibibo for crafts Craftsvilla and Afday for food Foodpanda, Swiggy, and Zomato. For traveling Redbus and EaseMyTrip for property 99 acres.com, magic bricks, and Flatmates these are the business examples of E-commerce in the world. There are different kinds of E-commerce business for different market places.

The 10 easy steps to start E-commerce business are :

1- Key strengths of market place

The first step to start an e-commerce business is to know which market place is best for your business. You have to be an idea about that in which market you start your E-commerce business is must develop the market place and that market is recommended for your product or not. For example, if you want to sell your electronic products, so you have to check out which market place is best for you is it amazon or Flipkart. So you have to know that what is the reach of your market place, goodwill of your market place, ease of use, and customer base. This means you have to know which market is suitable for your product.

2- Must know about quality, level and strength of your competitors

You have to know about that in which market place you are going to sell your product in that market in which positions your competitors are stands, which quality product they are selling and in which price, discount, and product range and policies of your competitors. You have to grab the behavior of your competitors. So you also have to follow this easy step to start a successful e-commerce business.

3- Presentation and catalog of your products are very good

Presentation and catalog are very necessary for e-commerce business because your customer is unable to touch your products in this kind of market if your presentation of the product is good it generates the attention in the eye of customers for your products and also makes excellence catalog of your product like good quality of the photograph, good visuals, good colors, and pricing details. It improves the chances of selling your product in the market place.

4- Merchant support service

You have to know that in which market place you are selling your product is providing you good merchant support or not. Merchant support means in the market you are selling products they help you in interaction and able to understand your product policies and helps in product display and is that market place is always ready to interact with your customers or responding your customers who come to buy your product in that market place. So you also have to follow this easy step to start a successful e-commerce business.

5- Return on investment, fee or margins of the market place

You also have to know about that how much margin are you getting in your market place and how much fee they are charging to sell your product and charges in cancellation and unavailability of your product and also have to focus on return on investment.

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6- Shipping charges of your market place

There are different kinds of prices or charges for shipping in different market places. It depends on you or your convenience that you are doing shipping at your own or you are making them this shipping or packing work.

7- Before the selection of network must check the system access and control

Is your market place provide you access control or not because so many market places do not provide you access control and not give you authority to showcase your more products and restriction you on selling in a specific region and is they are providing you a customer data.

8- Payment mechanism is very necessary

Always think about that are you receiving your payments on time. If you have to balance your working capital so must think for your payment mechanism. If any market place makes a delay in your payments so must be considered that market place. So you also have to follow this easy step to start a successful e-commerce business.

9- Returns and refunds

If your margin is too low so must think about returns and refunds like sometimes fake ordered have been placed or defective product has been received by the customers so you have to consider about the refund and return policies at that time because this reversing of good increase the charge of shipping and packaging so at that you have to consider that how many charges are applied by the market place or is the market place is supportive or not in refund & reverse policies.

10- Dispute resolution process

You have to be ready for this process because sometimes the disputes are arises with customers and marketplaces, So the paper and framework always be ready for this dispute resolution process.

By following those steps you can easily start your successful e-commerce business in this growing world.

There are so many opportunities or benefits available in e-commerce like it made possible to work round the clock means you can do it any time and there is no geographical limit for the market.

And easy to form and low investment is required, convenience, speed, and the global reach of this business are very good and this is a cost-saving technique and move toward a paperless society because this happened online through the internet.

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