Unknown facts related to Steve Jobs

Unknown Facts about Steve Jobs

As we already discuss the biography, struggle, education, family, and death of Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple) if you want to know about his biography CLICK HERE. In this we know about some unknown and interesting facts related to Steve Jobs.

1- Steve Jobs never wrote a Single line of programming code.

In spite, his genius reputation as a technology innovator Apple mastermind Steve Jobs never wrote a single line of programming code for any of his multi Apple inventions programming was written by Steve Wozniak who was a Jobs one time partner and Allen Baum well never did the programming or engineering himself he made necessary applications which are user friendly but the Steve Jobs had great selling strategies and convincing skills.

2- iPod by Steve Jobs

To demonstrate the point about the making of original Ipod even smaller than first handed to them jobs dropped the iPod in the aquarium and pointed out the bubbles then rise to the surface of the aquarium. Jobs told his engineers these were air bubbles which makes space therein iPod and uses the small iPod even close together the folk arrival have to continue today become this challenge was the first iPod was launched of 19.9 mm and the recent model was 6.1 mm.

3- Jobs is very time punctual

Steve Jobs is very time punctual even for their staff also Jobs had a different nature how had an approach for work he expected all of his employees do arrive on time and extra preparation for the day works and obstacles. Even one of his secretary is getting late because his car is not working properly. So Jobs brought her a brand new jaguar with the insistence that he never is late for the work again.

4- He believes in Fruitarianism.

dish with fruits

Steve Jobs also made his work place big and more comfortable after committing to die only one or two fruits are for week time he believe for taking a fruitarianism the vegan subset died of eating fruits only with the limitnate his showering so he could spent the even more time mapping out and constructing new apple products and this fruity diet help him for his hygiene diet and for working also.

5- Jobs is very attentive

Job’s attention to detail often placed the CEO in two camps and an efficient passionate leader and someone who may who even down written insane. In 2008, Jobs called Google senior vice president of engineering with a minor emergency stating that the shade of yellow “O” in Google was not correct and should be fixed immediately as it does not look good in I Phone and the issue was fixed and now everyone can finally able to get the good sleep at night.

6- Jobs got angry why he considered as No.2 in his own company.

In the earlier days of Apple company an argument broke out between the Jobs and Wozniak that who should be considered the No.1 on their identification name batches. Wozniak was offered number one but Jobs was not agreed with that and got any because he was considered No.2 and after that Job accepted the number Zero it insists that he comes before the number one.

7- Battle between Jobs and Wozniak.

Another battle between Wozniak and Jobs proved Jobs his loyalty to his partner to his ego after creating a game Breakout for the Atari Wozniak and Jobs planned to split the money for 50/50 made from it. when the pay cheque was delivered to the Jobs he told Wozniak that the company had paid them 700 dollars total instead of 5000 dollars which was originally in the contract. Wozniak get the 350 dollars according to his share but Steve parked 4,650 dollars himself.

8- Jobs refused for his treatment.

Jobs insisted that he didn’t need medical treatment to his downfall after the discovering of his pancreatic cancer in 2003, Jobs ignored the advice of his doctor to proceed with necessary surgeries and exams instead of subscribing his vegan diet also he using herbal remedies and Jobs not attend the surgery for his cancer until 9 months after first being diagnosed and this greatly short his life span. These facts were regarding his death.

9- The Graphics Groups

Originally known as the graphics group the company we know today as Pixar was saved by Steve Jobs. Jobs purchased this company Pixar from George Lucus in 10 million dollars in 1986 and then spent from the movie production and produce Toy Story movie which was a great movie at that time. When Jobs sold Pixar back to the Walt Disney company in 2006 it came with a price tag of 7.4 billion dollars also this deal made Steve Jobs the largest shareholder in Disney.

10- Rude behavior of Jobs

Through all his questions about his behavior, Jobs came from a very humble beginning. In 2005, at Stanford Jobs claimed that at college time he was homeless and without the door he slept on the floor with his friends. He collected the coke bottles for earned money to pay for food also travel seven miles every Sunday to get one good meal in a week at Harikrishna temple. This was a fact regarding his rude behavior.

11- Apple company actually had three founders.

Apple company had three founders, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. As we all know about that the Steve Jobs and Wozniak had founded the company Apple in the garage of Steve home but only a few know that there is another guy who works with them that was Ronald Wayne. Ronald also create the Apple company’s first logo and he sold his share to Steve for 700 dollars and the share price in current is 40 billion dollars. This fact was regarding his company Apple.

12- Apple started with a calculator

To start the company Steve Jobs had sold his Volkswagen bus and bought a scientific calculator for the startup.

So these are the unknown and interesting facts about Steve Jobs and his company Apple.


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