Unknown facts about Richard Branson

By | March 4, 2020

In this, we know about some unknown, interesting, and quick facts about Richard Branson related to his life, success, education, net worth, companies, lifestyle, and family & children. The full name of Richard Branson is Sir Richard Charles Nicolas Branson was born on 18th July 1950 in London.

Branson is the founder of the Virgin group. Now he owns a business that can consist of 400 operations and enterprises and he was a self-made billionaire. From his young age he has a dream to become an entrepreneur and now he is a famous entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and author.

1- He record attempt resulted in him being rescued by the royal air force

Richard Branson was a great lover of trying to break the world record and his first attempt to cross the Atlantic ocean didn’t go well. His boat “The Virgin Atlantic challenger” capsized and had rescued by the air force embarrassingly he was still in British water at the time so he didn’t go far. Some British newspapers insisted that Branson reimbursed the RIF for the efforts.

2- The name “Virgin” comes from his status as a complete business novice

The entrepreneur’s very first business venture was a magazine called a student. He also started selling some cheap record and undercutting the local stores when he began trading under the name Virgin he chooses the name because he believes that there was a no point starting your own business unless you can do at the sense of frustration. Virgin was a reference to him being very new to the business.

3- Her record label signed the sex pistols when nobody else would

Branson founded virgin record in 1972 with his friend Nik Powell establishing a studio in a country states in oxford. One of their first signings was the controversial sex pistols were making waves around the world and some times for the wrong reasons. The other signing included Peter Caprio and the rolling stands.

4- Virgin Atlantic Airways and British Airways have had a rocky relationship

The path two air space dominating didn’t run smoothly for Branson. Virgin sued British airways for approaching passengers swearing them in the press and hacking their computer in 1990. They settle the case are pay Richard 50 million pounds they were also ordered to pay 110,000 pounds to cover the legal cause. Richard distributed his settlement through his staff as an ABA bonus.

5- Virgin Atlantic airways were established by because of a canceled flight

Boeing 747-41R – Virgin Atlantic Airways (G-VROC)

Branson was on a trip but his flight was canceled so the wealthy Branson chattered a flight and gave the other passengers a ride to. In exchange for his small fee for recovering the cost of hiring it. This proves to the beginning of his venture air travel. Virgin Atlantic was established in 1984.

6- When he had to sell virgin records, Branson cried when it went through

To keep his airline company going, Branson had no choice to sell virgin records in 1992. He hated doing it so much that he cried it when it selling too mainly because of the sentimental attachment he had to his first business venture. He did sell it for 500 million pounds which probably help to dry those tears.

7- He claims to live on Necker island and in the Caribbean for “health not tax reasons”

Like many billionaires, Branson comes under fire from authorities and government for not paying enough tax. The Sunday times cleared his wealth 3 billion pounds but because of his residence on Necker island in the Caribbean he pays very little tax. Despite all of this criticism Branson has claimed that his reasons for living on the island are entirely health-related.

8- Richard only paid $ 180,000 for his island in the British virgin island

The virgin CEO first visited in the Necker island in 1970 when he was considering for his virgin records signing a recordable isn’t recordable without an island to put up the rock stars. He broadly offers the current owner a very low sum comparably the 6 million dollars for asking price. And the owner found himself in the trouble later that year and accept Branson’s low offer after all. It’s now worth is around 200 million dollars.

9- He is a viable candidate for London Mayor, But he is not that interested in running.

In 2000, London was looking for a Mayor, and Richard Branson was suggested as a great candidate polls even show that he was a popular candidate by his quite significant. He dominated the poll 66% of the 1000 Londoners survey saying the ways the Branson over the political candidates but Richard is not interested so.

10- He wakes up at 5:45 AM every day and goes kite surfing

The founder of Virgin groups spent most of his time on his island. So there are many options for his morning exercise. Richard goes to sleep with his curtain open so that the sun wakes him naturally before 6:00 AM. He then goes for Kite surfing and takes a healthy breakfast before starting his business for the day.

11- Branson believes in a “Bottom heavy” approach to management

Richard Branson strongly believes in “Bottom Heavy” management. He purposes to delegate and give responsibility to his workers and incentives to his staff finding top-heavy management for creativity and innovation. This link was perfect to run a company with formal management.

12- He hates suits and ties

Richard Branson doesn’t believe in good looks and branded dress coats and always prefers casual dresses. He is also against the tie and always carries a scissor with him ready to cut off a tie at any suspending wear.

13- He pays more attention to his gut feeling than statics

Richard Branson believes that his gut feeling is more reliable than market research but only some staff like it and others are more critical which was revealed in books and business the Richard Branson way. Branson makes his mind quickly too deciding whether a business proposal with him within 30 seconds and the most important thing it has to excite him.

14- Richard own lodges and holidays homes all over the world

Richards owns so many lodges and holiday homes in most of the countries in the world which are located in very glamorous and beautiful places of the world including safari South Africa, skiing lodges in Switzerland, and many others in different countries.

15- Richard loves collecting memorable cars

Morris Mini Minor (1963)

He doesn’t believe to bough most expensive cars but he also has the collection of some most memorable cars like he bough Morris mini Minor and Humber super snipe which was produced in 1938 and many other unusual cars around the world. For driving in London he owns a classic Land rover car.

So these are some unknown and interesting facts about Richard Branson related to hislife, success, education, net worth, companies, lifestyle, and family & children

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