Unknown facts about Mukesh Ambani

By | March 4, 2020

In this we know about the richest Indian entrepreneurs for 10 years straight also included in the Forbes list as a most powerful person and he runs the most valuable company in India. So in this we know about some unknown and interesting facts about Mukesh Ambani.

Mukesh Ambani was born on 19th April 1957 his father was also an entrepreneur who had started several businesses eventually created a company called Reliance. Firstly he joined his father’s business in textile and petrol chemicals. After that Mukesh expand the company in the field of communications technology and he also led the creation of the world’s largest petroleum refinery. When Mukesh’s father Dhirubhai Ambani died in 2002, he goes with the majority of business and became the chairman, directory, and largest shareholder in the Reliance industry limited.

In 2016, he launched his smartphone called LY1 and it’s quickly become the third-largest selling mobile phone brand. Reliance continues to become more and more profitable and became the most valuable business in India in 2017. Mukesh has been married to Nita in 1985 and he has three grown children name Akash, Anand, and Isha. His current net worth is 5,140 crores USD.

1- He owns an Armored BMW 760i

Being the richest man in India Mukesh needs to secure himself as much as possible his value of the security is too much. So he bought Armored BMW in 1.4 million dollars this car was specially designed in Germany this car is bulletproof and can protect against explosion as well and this car has the most registration amount in India at that time price of 250 dollars. He was also in number 57 on the global list for this armored BMW 760i car which he purchased in 2015.

2- Mukesh’s parents set him up with his future wife

Mukesh’s wife Nita could not imagine that one day his life is changed so much. Nita has a passion for dance & when she is dancing in a cultural show she captured the intention of Mukesh’s parent they were so convinced to show be a good match for their son they got need her phone number when Mukesh’s father called her Nita’s father prank hangup on him his father kept calling back until Nita and finally he realized he was who said he was.

3- He is a vegetarian

Mukesh is a strict vegetarian at the time this also conflicts with business. In 2013, reliance had planned to launch his fast-food chain called Chicken came first this was similar to like KFC chicken chain. The vegetarian stock holders protested instead he ended banning all non-vegetarian products from his reliance retail chain which effected about 100 stores.

4- He proposed to his wife in his car.

Mukesh and Nita were taking a drive in Mumbai as they usually did when Mukesh suddenly stopped the car in between of the road as the car was backing up behind them he turned to Nita and ask her to marry him. She stunned silence so he said tell me now otherwise I wouldn’t start the car. She said yes and she later jokes that she only agrees to the traffic jam.

5- He owns the most expensive home in the world

Mukesh built a 27 residential Skyscraper and he named this Antilia with a building cost of 1 billion dollars the most expensive home in the world. On that home he has a multi garage that can hold 168 cars and has three helipads on the roof, the lobby has 3 elevators also the home include the spa, gardens, temple, private GYM for each family member and 50 seat movie theatre. A staff of over 600 to keep the home running and this was the first house in the world with the net worth of one billion dollars.

6- His favorite vacation spots is in South Africa.

When Ambani takes a break from his work life he likes to spend time with his family at Kruger national park of South Africa he loves animals and this part of Africa is one of the largest parks which includes more than hundred of species including lions, leopards, elephants, and buffalo.

7- He dropped out of Stanford

After receiving his BE degree in chemical engineering from the Institute of chemical technology in Mumbai. Mukesh came to the United States and enrolled in the MBA program at Stanford. However he decided to drop out of Stanford to help his dad to build up his company reliance.

8- The environment ministry and Indian navy objected to his home.

Mukesh’s house caused a lot of controversies when he was built his home some of the objection are regard to environment ministry and some objections by the Indian navy who stated that they were not given the permissions to build the helipads on the Mumbai’s buildings and the environment ministry says the helipad on the roof cause the environmental noise pollution.

9- His company contributes almost 5% of the total tax revenue of India

Reliance Industries has been an incredibly successful company which recently has become the most valued firm in terms of market value as of 2017 the company has assets total of 1.5 billion USD. The company has become the economy of India specially the company that contributes almost 5% of the total tax revenue of India.

10- He was not born in India

Most of the people are assumed that he was born in India but he was born in Aden, Yemen. But his father was moved to Bombay after Mukesh was born so that he could start his spices business and other new startups in India.

11- He wants to be a teacher

In 2017, in an interactive session Mukesh claimed that he wants to become a professor but his father bought him to the family business. Now at the age of 60 he revisiting in his ambition said both he and his wife involve in education in upcoming years and he hopes to become a teacher in some capacity.

12- His father’s legacy is what drives him

His father Dhirubhai Ambani started the Reliance company in 1966 as a small textile manufacturing company and built along with his son. When he passes in 2002, he splits his empire between his sons. Mukesh says his company is still his father who spent his time on reliance. And he always his father’s legacy.

13- He was the 1st person in India to buy a Maybach 62

The top speed of the Maybach is 155 miles per hour and goes from 0-100 in 5.4 seconds. He was the first person in India who purchased the Maybach 62 car as a gift for his wife in her 50th birthday for around 500,000 dollars.

14- He owns a highly customized vanity van

The van contains the 230 sq ft area including two luxury bedrooms, a large meeting room, and a small meeting room, kitchen, and sky roof on the top this van is also perfect for hot days in Mumbai due to his high air conditioning system. The van is bulletproof and fireproof and he purchased this van for 5 million dollars.

15- He gave his wife a $ 62,000,000 jet for her birthday

Ambani gift his wife a jet of $ 62,000,000 for her 44th birthday the jet has customized with office systems, satellite vision, master bedroom, music systems, and a bar with moonlighting.

So these are unknown and interesting facts related to Mukesh Ambani the chairman of Reliance company related to his life, education, net worth, house moreover about his family and children.

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