Unknown facts about Mark Zuckerberg

By | February 27, 2020

Previously we know about the biography and success story of Mark Zuckerberg and in this we know about some unknown and interesting facts about Mark Zuckerberg related to his life, biography, education, Facebook, wife & Family, and his personal life.

1- He turned down Yahoo’s 1 billion dollars offer to buy Facebook

As we all know Yahoo and other topmost companies offered to buy Facebook like Viacom, Google, etc. In 2006, Yahoo offered to buy a Facebook for 1 Billion dollars from the 22 years old Mark Zuckerberg but Mark rejected this offer because he knows the value of supervision that Yahoo was undervaluing the company even with a billion-dollar offer. And today Facebook worth is nearby 435 billion dollars.

2- He and his wife met in a bathroom line

He met with his wife in a bathroom line at an ordinary party. His wife says it was an impressionable impact that he was a naughty guy who was out there and she also far he act ambition because he is gone a celebrate a day with her then finish her mid take home.

3- By Facebook he makes around 9 billion dollars a year

After the disappointing IPO that Facebook falls from the 19 billion to 17 billion dollars in a single day and continues to struggle Facebook bounce back in a big way it shares has been increased over 282 percent since the IPO in 2012. Profit margin is also got increased by 37% from 19% in 2012 and Mark personally has earned 9 billion dollars per year from the company since 2012.

4- Mark is Colorblind

Mark is Red-Green color blind which means the color that stands best for him is Blue that’s why blue colors his favorite and the primary color for Facebook.

5- Mark try to become a vegetarian

In 2011, he was trying to challenge himself to become vegetarian because he wanted to connect that food which he eats and the animal who gave them life. Although he stuck with the challenge well and now he is not eating meat regularly.

6- Mark found the social network movie hurtful

In his first-ever open session in Facebook in 2014, Mark was asked for ask for social network movie was Mark replied that he kind of block that movie out and the overall prize is made of the unch he found hurtful For example the films just created a Facebook after the broke up with him but in reality his wife starting his site Mark says ultimately reality was interesting to make a movie out of because the story is just a lot of hard work.

7- He drives inexpensive cars

While the other billionaires of the world ride on expensive cars and supercars but Marks prefers more practical and inexpensive kinds of cars. The three cars he drives mostly are including Hyundai and Volkswagen. So Mark is very simple and used very inexpensive cars for transportation.

8- His wedding was a surprise for all his guests

After nine years of dating Mark arrange a surprise wedding in 2012 with his Chinese girlfriend Priscilla Chan on 19 May, 2012. Priscilla has been graduated from medical school so the 100 guests parked was attending a surprise graduation party only to find out they would come to the wedding. And this fact is related to wife and family.

9- His friends call him “Zuck”.

Among friends and co-workers calling him Zuck. His childhood name given by his mom was Princely and another name of his in the college is the slayer. And this fact is related to his personal life.

10- He is the youngest ever self-made billionaire

Mark made the name in the list of billionaires in the Forbes in 2008 at the age of 23 at that he had 25 billion he had youngest-ever self-made billionaire. And this fact is related to his success.

11- He broke his arm on his first day of training for a triathalon

Mark is more focusing on physical fitness and 2016 his new year resolution is to burn 365 miles by the end of the year he reaches the goal within five months. So he decided to take new challenge training for Triathalon however on the first day of his triathlon training he fell off his bike and broke his arm.

12- He has pledged to give away 99% of his Facebook shares

Do you know these facts about Facebook

In 2015, Priscilla and Mark joined the giving pledged and committed some of the wealthiest individuals to dedicate the majority of the world towards improving the world in various ways as a part of this pledged Mark committed to giving away 99% of his Facebook shares during his lifetime. They also donated their revenue in various fields like education and health.

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13- About 17% of the world’s population are the Facebook user

As of 2017, Facebook has 1.3 billion daily active users which are a total of around 17% billion of the world’s population which are just doubled the daily user from 2012 to 2017. And this fact is related to Facebook.

14- Mark salary was lowered to 1 dollar per year in 2013

In 2013, Mark request his Facebook CEO that his salary is lowered to 1 dollar per year from the 5,00,000 dollars per year. He also with true himself to the eligibility to give bonuses in the future.

15- He bought all of the houses surrounding his

Zuckerberg purchased a new house in 2011 for 7 million dollars. When he heard the house is next to the market and the agent plan to use being Mark neighbor selling point he bought that house and three more houses surrounding his property for a total of around 44 million dollars. So he can protect his privacy control the marketing at the homes. And this fact is related to his personal life.

So these are the unknown and interesting facts related to the co-founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg related to his life, education, Facebook moreover wife & family, and his personal life.

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