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By | March 6, 2020

In this we know about some unknown and interesting facts about Howard Schultz related to his life story, education (college), net worth, books, success, and family & parents.

Howard Schultz is an American billionaire and entrepreneur. He was a member of the board of directors of Square Inc. Also the CEO (Chief executive officer) and chairman of Star Bucks. He is well known for his executive carrier at Star Bucks. Howard was CEO of Star Bucks from 1986 to 2000 and again become CEO from 2008 to 2017 also the executive chairman from 2017 to 2018. Apart from the famous coffee company he is also a co-founder of Maveron.

Howard grew up in the poor family of New York and he was the first guy who enrolled in the college in his poor family and complete his education with the government loans and from part-time jobs. He later works as a salesperson after he moved for a Swedish coffee maker company called Hammarplast. His carrier started at Star Bucks as a director of marketing where he learns so many things about coffee. When he visited Italy he got the idea of coming up multiple coffee bars and nowadays Starbucks became an empire in the field of coffee.

1- He opened his 1st coffee shop called “IL Giornale”

The story of every successful brand began with small startups. Howard get this idea when he visited Italy where he learns more about the coffee culture to implement at the coffee place where he was working. He came back to change things but the owners were not interested in it.

So he resigned in 1985 and 1986 raised enough money to open his first coffee shop called IL GIORNALE. After the Italian newspaper business was good in two years later Star Bucks sold his retail unit to Howard and IL Giornale for 3.8 million dollars. Howard later named Giornale after Starbucks and from that point on everything else is history.

2- He wrote 2 books on business and Star bucks management

Everyone hears the name of Howard Schultz instantly matching with Starbucks. Schultz is been working 30 years for them and help the company to grow. He did resign a few time but he always came back to Starbucks just to like all of us do.

Having such a great experience in business and restaurant he spends a lot of time giving back to the young entrepreneurs. He wrote 2 books that how to run a big business and the struggles come with it. They went through the financial crises, scandals, bad times, and growth. His books are called “Pour your heart into it” and another book is “Onward”.

3- He owned 2 basket ball teams

Just because he was the CEO and chairman of Starbucks doesn’t mean he didn’t have another passion in businesses to attend quite the opposite actually. Howard Schultz was involved in site projects outside of his main focuses in Starbucks like everyone else he turned back to his first love sports. Howard went to college for sports scholarship so sports was his first love. He owned 2 basketball teams the NBA Seattle SuperSonics and Seattle storm but later he sold them due to a lack of support from the community.

4- He started a partnership with Arizona state university

Taking a looks at Howard’s life and carrier you can see he has strong emergence. He always wants to help others succeed just the way he did. A few lucky people get benefits from his generosity or the Starbucks workers and since they usually hire youngsters and students.

He decided to help them to complete their education. Howard is known for pioneering Starbucks partnership with Arizona state university which allows all employees of Starbucks to work20 or more hours a week for free tuition in ASUES free online courses.

5- His net worth is now $ 2.6 Billion according to Forbes

Howard Schultz can be a part of billionaire clubs he might not be in the top ten billionaires but he made too much money in his life and he is only 64 years old. According to Forbes he has a net worth of roughly 2.6 billion dollars right now and he has 1.1 million dollars at Starbucks not to mention money from other projects. Since he such a philanthropist he and his wife Sheri Schultz co-founded the Schultz foundation which currently supports to national institutes and his aim is to promoting employment between the age of people from 16 to 24.

6- He helped Starbucks get through all the scandals and crises it faced

Industries like hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafeterias are the hardest industries to working because it closely working with peoples and that is always challenging. Coffee shops are not different than hotels and restaurants they can always get the orders mixed up and burn people.

Starbucks also faced lots of problems, crises, and scandals in this coffee business but when the problems happened it was the genius Howard Schultz that helped the company get through it. It takes a special approach to understand and how to react to sensitive issues.

7- He implemented at Starbucks an inclusive policy

when you have 27000 shops in over 75 countries it is impossible to check on single employees to be sure they are aligned with the company values 100%. Especially in this industry, most employees are young and teenagers to make money. Unfortunately due to this decision and the scale of the company most problem they faced so far because of their employees but the most recent example of this was the filly incident. And this incident cause lots of damage to the company in the media. As a result after the few days of the incident all Star bucks locations were shut down by biracial training.

8- He decided Starbucks should buy their competition and close it down

In every business you always have to deal with competition no matter how niche you are. In some industries the competition is too hard and the king kills the small businesses who don’t know how to play games. If you are big enough you have to deal with your competition which Starbucks did and so many other businesses. So Starbucks acquired many coffee shops in different countries and turn it down to the Starbucks coffee or close it down.

9- There are more than 100 million customers enter in Starbucks every week

Everybody knows Starbucks and nowadays the concept of Starbucks is copied by many other coffee shops. In some countries Starbucks is extremely famous some of them having their morning coffee and some take Starbucks coffee at work. So many fans of Starbucks every week more than 100 million customers or fans enter there door and Starbucks sold 800 million coffee cups every day.

10- Howard Schultz bought a penthouse in New York for 40 million dollars

Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy huge mansions & houses. Most of the billionaires choose to invest money in real estate, cars, and startups and these are the fastest ways to invest money and also enjoy it. Like other billionaires Howard has bought many houses like he had bought a house in Hawaii and last year he bought a glassy penthouse in New York for 40 million dollars.

11- He brought latte culture to America

Starbucks firstly started coffee roastery and then they transition to coffee shops and then to international sensations since they made lots of changes in Starbucks and nowadays Starbucks became a large pioneer in this field it happens because of Howard they implement great changes and make management better as much as possible. They also introduce many coffee products like cappuccino and latte. And latte culture to America.

12- He might want to run for presidency

The news of Howard stepping down from the Starbucks and some rumors are that he might want to run for president. Many people are speculated and interrupted his resignation letter but all time he knows what’s his next move to be. He might run off the presidency since he involves in many campaigns and he had a great experience of management so it could be a good president but this is only the rumors that he might want to run for the presidency.

13- He embraces the Cryptocurrency trend and believes in it

Cryptocurrency is the biggest thing to talk about and wants to learn about the technology behind that is still new and there are lots of knew about it and how to implement properly in the financial system. It’s funny that a lot of people to embrace but the few peoples took over the change and no one implement something new. Howard believes that Cryptocurrency is could be a daily use of payments and try to implement it in Starbucks.

14- In China, every 15 hours a Starbucks open

China is a great country and one of the most economic players their industries and institutions are smoothly that’s why the china is in the top in the economy this because the country has a strong and hardworking people and they also have cheap labor that’s why so many choose them for manpower. And nowadays Starbucks is opening and expanding its coffee shops in China every 15 hours Starbucks is opening a new coffee shop in China.

15- He doesn’t have money goals

Howard has a goal to implement his ideas in the Starbucks company and to expand or grow Starbucks as much as possible. Howard gives their 30 years to the Starbucks company because he loves his job and company just he loves his family and he also believes that only making money is just a poor goal.

So these are some unknown and interesting facts about Howard Schultz related to his life story, education (college), net worth, books, success, and family & parents.

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