Unknown facts about Bernard Arnault

By | February 28, 2020

In this we know about some unknown and interesting facts about Bernard Arnault. Bernard Arnault is the richest person in the industry of fashion also he is a famous french investor, entrepreneur, art collector, magnate, and chairman of luxury group LVMH that sold the luxury good like Louis Vuitton, etc.

So in this we know about some unknown facts about Bernard related to his life, success, LVMH, net worth, family, and children.

1- He is an avid art collector

Suppose, If you have money like Bernard Arnault you also going for luxury and expensive things to buy like cars, jewelry, and other expensive objects the more you buy them the more you love them and it all becomes a passion. The passion of Bernard is to collect the art in the form of paintings his expensive collection includes Picasso, Henry war hall, etc he bought that from auctions also from his friends. In 2006, following his passion he started a project for the dedication of contemporary art also we can guess he has a great sense of fashion and art.

2- Kat Von D and Fenty beauty are owned by LVMH

The LVMH group has the most exclusive and expensive luxury products in the market which are divided into five categories : Wine, fashion & leader cuts, perfumes & cosmetics, watches, and jewelry also selective retailing. All big names you find Sephora is also under LVMH and bought by the group.

3- The group also owns 3 newspaper and 1 magazine

On the other activity category of LVMH is including of three newspaper Le Parisien, Les echos, Investor and one magazine Connussance Art to promote the other brand of the group and also write about fashion and business. The newspaper has some serious tradition behind the world and modern approaches like online websites or articles that can be axis by tablets or smartphones as well. It is amazing by one person who owns so many brands of this industry that’s why Bernard Arnault is the inspiration for young generation entrepreneurs.

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4- His life examples were Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs

The success of LVMH is built on creativity, quality, entrepreneurship, and long term vision these are the stepping stones for LVMH which are built by Bernard Arnaul also he is one of the richest people of the world but he started from the different background looked up to the beginnings. He admits that he admires Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs the top entrepreneurs in the world also they both started the business from nothing and took it to the ultimate level.

5- He is the richest person in the fashion industry, net worth: 76,000,000,000 US dollars

On the year of 2019 Bernard Arnault is the richest person in the world in the field of fashion industry & his current net worth is 76,000,000,000 US dollars also consistently growing because his luxury market is booming everywhere and ranked at the fourth richest person of the world according to Forbes 2019. LVMH is growing every day with the latest brands and starting new lines of collaboration. So these facts are related to his net worth.

6- He declined the building of new factories in eastern European countries

The products of LVMH are too expensive and luxurious so that only a few people can afford them because everybody knows Louis Vuitton is also a very expensive brand. And there is a company Louis Vuitton in Romania which is making brands in fractional prices and a very cheap workforce that’s why he declined the building of new factories in eastern European companies.

7- He applied for the Belgium citizenship to skip taxes.

When you start making money after that you also see how much money goes in taxes or expenses. It might be seen selfish but it’s your money and you work so hard for it also the government takes half of it. Lots of people do it that they are moving to another tax-saving company. So that’s why Bernard applied for the Belgium citizenship to skip taxes.

8- He is friend with the both former president Sarkozy & with the current one

Bernard born, lived, studied in french almost spent most of his life in French, and spent most of the time with social and rich people among them the most of the important is former president Mr. Sarkozy and Arnault had a long-lasting friendship. Also with the current one.

9- He invested 143,000,000 dollars in a modern arts museum

Besides being a luxury good and expensive thing Bernard also loves the art and also an art collector. On October 27, 2014 he built a museum for 142 million museums for his Art collecting, and the LVMH group also organized the young fashion designer competition for international students to support the young artist of the generation. So this facts is related to his Art.

10- He owns a 35,000,000 dollars island in Bahamas

Every rich person on the earth buys expensive things like jewelry, cars, and expensive houses but some of the billionaires go for extra mile island. So the Bernard who have billions in his bank decided to buy an island for his private uses besides the island he also buys the private yacht and invited the celebrities of France like prime minister of France and other celebrities. This facts is related to his property, island, and private yacht.

11- LVMH hired Kayne West as chief of their menswear

One of the most famous brands of LVMH hired the Kayne West as a consultant for their menswear. Louis Vuitton is one of the top brands of LVMH that they sold in more than 9 billion euros per annum. The largest and luxury industry for the men collection brands. So for the brand promotion the LVMH group hired Kayne West as chief of their menswear.

12- The 1st brand he bought was christian Dior

There are so many brands that are acquired by Bernard Arnault and the first brand which he acquired is Christian Dior in 1984. And after that he acquired many other brands that are producing goods and luxury items and also become the CEO of these brands. So this facts is related to his LVMH company.

13- He was awarded the title of commander of the french legion of the honor

The UK offers the title of Sir the citizen of that successfully represent their region and have great achievement but unfortunately, it only applies to UK citizens and Bernard is from different country citizenship but has their business all over the world including the UK he didn’t get the title of Sir. But the French government give him the title of commander of the french legion of honor in 2007 by seeing his working efforts in business fields he was also named Knight Commander of the most excellent order of the British empire in 2013. So this facts is based on his success.

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14- He tried to buy Hermes but failed

To capture market share in luxury and expensive goods Bernard still needs the Hermes franchise for his portfolio he tried to do this 18 years ago when LVMH acquired 4.9% of shares of Hermes through subsidies. In 2010, LVMH announced that he acquired 14.2% of Hermes by which people started to ask question about his plans and in 2011 he announced that he acquired 22.6% of Hermes. After that Hermes filed a criminal complaint against LVMH in a Paris court for manipulating the stock prices.

15- Bernard is a trained classical pianist.

Paris is the perfect place for those people who love art or artistic passions. Even Bernard graduated from a technical University he still has a strong artistic side and him also an Art collector. Moreover this he is a trained classical pianist also. So this facts is related to his Art.

So these are the some unknown facts about Bernard Arnault related to his life, success, LVMH, net worth, family and children.

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