Top 15 Real Estate books of all time

By | March 13, 2020

In this, we are going to share the top 15 Real Estate investing books of all time. Real Estate is to find property consisting of the land along with any resource found in the ground and buildings. It is a very high liquid industry which makes the many people rich also if you think about it in the past who were the powerful people the kings, the queens and the Nobels who owned most of the land. If you are thinking to get the real estate game you could make potentially the best decisions of your life.

1- Crushing It

This book is written by “Brian Murray”. This is the story of Brian Murray who years ago started as a teacher and today owns a multi-millionaire company. This guide teaches anyone to be serious about getting real estate and if someone already in the game and wants more definitely getting little help as well.

Crushing it is all about learning the fundamental of real estate taking advantage of your states as your little guy, analyzing properties, being passionate, having a goal and so much more. We recommend this book if you want to start to learn about real estate.

2- The book on Rental property investing

This book is written by “Brandon Turner”. This author will armored anyone who wants into the industry with the necessary tools to build wealth and consistent cash flow through real estate.

Turner explained where and how to look for rental properties which of them will make the best rentals and how to put in the offer. He also covers what to do after closing the deal and how to manage the property. This super-practical guide is a must for everyone who is thinking of creating cash flow through rental properties.

3- The sale of a Lifetime

This book is written by “Harry S. Dent, Jr.”. Here is a book that takes a different approach to real estate. Its sole focus on bubbles that how you can identify on and take advantage of it.

For many peoples a bubble is devastating event and dier consequences but for some, it is a massive opportunity to built great wealth. The sale of a lifetime comes as a great edition to real estate knowledge protecting you from future challenges and opening up some new opportunities for future self.

4- The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

This book is written by “Gary Keller”. Here is the author willing to share with a reader across the world. His wisdom gain for over for 100 millionaire real estate investors.

“The Millionaire Real Estate Investor” is a book for those peoples who always think big and dream to achieve big in their life also this book is very easy to read. The five types of millionaire real estate investors and the path to becoming one.

5- The ABCs of the Real Estate Investing

This book is written by “Ken Mcelroy”. This book helps the outline of the entire process of investing in real estate for the process beginning to end. Ken also discussed myths about real estate that often prevent many people from started themselves. Also one of the most valuable takes away from the book and strategies that the author gives that can be to used analyzed the potential outcomes in investment from a cash flow perspective.

6- The book on investing in Real Estate

This book is written by “Brandon Turner”. This will teach you how to be creative with your investments when your budget is really low or pretty much non-existence. Brandon Turner outlines the importance of a healthy mindset that would come into this and not let the capital being obstacles. This amazing book is packed with strategies, tips, and ideas on how to leverage other people’s money to gain the best output as possible. It also talks about the ugly side of the industry and how to fly of millionaire dry land.

7- Build a Rental Property Empire

This book is written by “Mark Ferguson”. All the details of successful real estate investing strategies are laid down in this book by a simple, direct and easy to understand writing style.

“Build a Rental Property Empire” in this book author want to share how you can built your own liquid property empire and how to manage your properties as well as how to buy low market value.

8- Getting the money

This book is written by “Susan Lassiter-Lyons”. Susan provides a clear framework of how someone obtains the capital necessary for the real estate. The author talks about the stand experiencing in genus ways and authentic personality to raise millions in real estate.

9- Real estate investing gone bad

This book is written by “Phil Pustejovsky”. Before you are bough any property or goes for a real estate you have to need about this author to say first. Phil book presents 21 cases a real estate thing went absolutely sideways and what you can learn with the situations. Real estate investing goes on bad has some down to earth which you need to know about, unlike other real estate books who only present the upside of the industry.

10- The book on flipping houses

This book is written by “J Scott”. Here someone who doesn’t shy away educated with a pretty comprehensive guide on what skills and strategy we need to make it and establish ourselves in the real estate industry. Scott gives you his method for analyzing and choosing a target market and stretches the importance of some key fundamentals which many authors overlook.

11- The Millionaire Real Estate Agent

This book is written by “Gary Keller”. This is an in-depth guide for those who see the excellence in the Real Estate profession and their life. The Millionaire real estate agent is very valuable for any real estate agent or any level or experiment because it helps in deconstruct your goals in small and manageable parts that systemized your business.

12- What Every Real Estate investor Needs to know about cash flow

This book is written by “Frank Gallinelli”. This book is Written in a very simple and entertaining manner that everyone should read this book easily also this book enters around mastering numbers to prosper about the real estate business. Gallinelli covers in detail along with examples with pretty much every analytical tool you ever need. He firmly believes that success comes from mastering every aspect related to investment in the real estate industry.

13- Tax-Free Wealth

This book is written by “Tom Wheelwright, CPA”. Tax-Free wealth was designed to make it easy for anyone who understands the basic principles of tactics and not is intimated by them. With the help of this book, Wheel Wright aimed to educate the reader how legally illuminate the income taxes thus along with living a tax-free life.

14- Buy it, Rent it, Profit

This book is written by “Bryan M. Chavis”. With over 20 years of experience in the business, the author explains by buying a rental property is such a wise investment today. Chavis designed this book for first-timers so keep in mind it’s not for everyone but the guidance provided is pretty good so we gave this book spot in this list.

15- The Book on Managing Rental Properties

This book is written by “Brandon and Heather Turner”. The great thing about this book it has something for everyone for beginners to long time investors. It goes deep and dept about the basics of property management. Coupled along with helpful tips for seasoned pro besides the facts about the book emphasize how important is to take real estate seriously.

So these are top 15 books on real estate investing which are written by great investors of real estate business. If you are going to do real estate business so must read out these books.

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