Top 10 Tech Companies in the World

By | March 19, 2020

Hello Friends, As we all know that tech is a sum of innovation, profitability, skills and methods. In this we are looking at the companies that are looking to leverage the technology they offered to become some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

Also we know that Silicon Valley is Hub of the highest rank tech companies in the world but there are many tech companies around the world that making profits and impressive market caps thanks to the technologies they offered. Technology is by far the fastest-moving product in the current global market which intern makes tech companies some of the top profit-making firms in the world.

1- Apple Inc.

Apple Inc with a market capitalization of $933,000,000,000. Here is number one the top tech company in the world is Apple with a massive of 229 billion of revenue in 2017 with it’s headquarter based in California. Apple is today known for its cutting edge technologies and groundbreaking mobile technology designs it’s main product involve iPad tablets, Mac PC’s, iPod music player and all too popular iPhone. It’s software systems are considered to be the best including the safari browser, iWork, iLife, iTunes, and OS X. The company has currently 70,000 employees in addition to another 3000 temporary recruiters. Surprisingly the company manages to make 65 billion dollars in 2010 along one of the highest-grossing margins by any tech company in recent times.

2- Amazon

Amazon with a market capitalization of $792,000,000,000. Ranked as the largest internet retailer and amazon is one of the largest and valuable e-commerce sites in the world. Dating back to 1999, founded by the Jeff Bezos with an online book store as of 2017 its revenue was 177 billion dollars with an operating income of 4.1 billion dollars. It is one of the largest business establishment in the United States with an employee based 5,66,000 employees it’s headquarter is based in Seattle, Washington. Prior to finding in Amazon Bezos served as the wise president of the Wall Street organization Shaw and company.

3- Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation with a market value of $772,000,000,000. This American based company is far one of the most valuable companies in the world. In addition to this also the biggest producer of computer software globally based on its accumulated revenues over the years. Founded in 1975, Microsoft has managed to dominate the personal computer operating system market for decades its the brainchild of Paul Allen and Bill Gates two of the most prominent figures in the tech industry included in its type of diverse portfolio & its popular productivity Microsoft office which offers users custom presentations, documents, and spreadsheets. It’s also a big player in the gaming industry with Microsoft console X box and X Box 360 having great market shares. In 2017, Microsoft had nearly 90 billion dollars in revenue and 21 billion in net income.

4- Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet Inc. with a market capitalization of $754,000,000,000. Based in California, Alphabet Inc is a multinational company that came about the major reconstructing of powerhouse google back in 2015. Alphabet became another company to several industry in the technology sector including chronicle G, google X, Fiber and many more. Larry Page and Brin the co-founders of Google assumed leadership with Alphabet with the former becoming the CEO while the later serves the company president. The company serves the top players since it was established and in 2017, it had an operating income of 25.7 billion dollars and the net income of 12.5 billion. Its total assets and value is 197.29 billion dollars while its revenue margin is 110 billion dollars.

5- Samsung Technologies

Samsung Technologies with a market capitalization of $344,000,000,000. All of you used Samsung gadgets and today Samsung mobile phones and other electronics had been ranked some of the most purchased technological appliances worldwide with 61 billion dollars revenue in 2017. Based on Korea this multinational electronic company has managed to established assembly production plans in over 61 countries also ranked as the largest television LCD and mobile phone manufacturer worldwide. Additionally it also ranked as the top smartphone vendor globally. Despite being involved in a legal showdown with other tech giants Apple Samsung remains one of the leading technology company in the world

6- Intel Corporation

The market capitalization of Intel Corporation is $258,000,000,000. Intel is one of the biggest players of Silicon Valley ranked as the 2nd most semiconductor chip maker by under of its revenue. Intel is one of the largest corporations in the tech sector it comes closed 2nd only along with its semi conduct. Currently with 106,000 employees most of it operates in subsidiaries these include companies such as Macfee, Heir and Wind Waiver System. As of 2017, its revenue margin is 62.76 billion dollars with an operating income of 17 billion.

7- CISCO Systems

Market Capitalization of CISCO Systems is $209,000,000,000. American tech glamour CISCO system is famous for its acquisition efforts over the years. The company is managed to acquire a number of subsidiaries including Web X and many more. Its a brainchild of two computer science major students of Stanford University who came up with the ideas of local area networks connect computers in different geographical locations by means of a multi-product system. For such a humble beginning the company has grown over the years to become one of the most valuable tech companies in the world. In 2000, Microsoft becomes the most valuable company with a peak market cap of 555 billion dollars after the .com bust and other challenges the market cap is now backdropped down to 209 billion. Today the company has 72,700 employees and has a revenue margin of 47 billion dollars.

8- IBM (International Business Machines)

IBM with a market capitalization of $132,000,000,000. The International business machines company simply known as IBM has its headquarter based on New York. It is a producer of computer software and hardware. In addition to this IBM offers hosting infrastructure and consulting services it operates in several technological-based fields including mainframe computing and nanotechnology. As of 2017, IBM holds the record for the highest number of patterns held by a single tech company as has been the case for the past two decades among its most notable achievements it’s inventing the unique technologies such as ATM, the UPC code, the hard disk and also floppy drive.

9- Foxconn Technology Group

Market Capitalization of Foxconn is $66,000,000,000. This is probably the least well-known name on this list. However, this company is based on one of the leading electronics manufacturing companies in the world. Foxconn is only at its trading title with over revenue of over 158 billion dollars and a net income of 4.5 billion. The company stands out one of the most profitable tech companies today in addition to this it by farther largest employer globally with over 1.3 million employees as 2017. Currently the company manufactures popular electronic gadgets such as Apple Ipad, iPhone and iPod. Moreover it’s also the main manufacturer of Kindle by Amazon other electronic devices that protest paid in manufacturing include Wiiu by Nintendo, Microsoft X Box and Play Station by Sony. This establishment has made its Billions by manufacturing electronic gadgets on behalf of other major companies in the market.

10- Sony Corporation

The market capitalization of the Sony corporation is $51,000,000,000. Sony is a multinational company that has its headquarter is in Tokyo, Japan. Its interest lies in a wide range of technology sectors including in entertainment, electronics, financial services and gaming also. As of 2017, Sony was ranked the third-largest television manufacturer worldwide additionally it was the major players in the semiconductor market today having been ranked in the top 20 vendors. One of Sony’s most popular products is the line of their gaming consoles PSP’s and Play Stations as of 2017 Sony had a revenue margin of approximately 70 billion dollars and had over 1,20,000 employees. It was the highest earner of that year with a net income of 658 million dollars.

So these are the top 10 companies in the world and so many companies are continuously growing to exhaust technological innovations you can expect high revenue margin and increasing market caps over the years to come.

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