TCS (Tata Consulting Services) VS Infosys

By | February 20, 2020

Tata consulting services and Infosys the top IT software and outsourcing companies of India. And in this, we know about both companies. As we all know that Tata is at number one and Infosys is at the second number but there is a huge difference between these two companies. Let know about both:

According to market valuation

According to the market valuation, there is a huge difference between these two companies: TCS (Tata consulting services) first company which crossed more than 100 billion dollars and in fact, the GDP of Tata consulting services (TCS) is more than the total of 128 countries GDP & one more fact is that there are 575 companies in Karachi stock exchange (The Pakistan stock exchange) and a total valuation of Karachi stock exchange is 80 billion dollars and only the TCS valuation is 100 billion dollars. TCS is the largest IT outsourcing company in India even the biggest employer in the private sector.

The main difference is the Top leadership of these two companies. The top leadership of TCS (Tata consulting services) has always been stable and as we take Infosys there are many CEO has been changed and there is no smooth transition seen in Infosys.

The total valuation of Infosys is only 39 Billion dollars, just less than half of Tata consulting services but Infosys is in the second number of IT companies in India.

According to profit percentage

Let’s take according to the profit percentage of these two companies the profit percentage of TCS (Tata consulting services) is increased by 5.5% and the profit percentage of Infosys is decreased by 28%. It doesn’t mean that Infosys is not a good company. Infosys is also a very stable company and also generate profit.

According to attrition rate & employer choice.

The attrition rate means the churn rate of the company to find out the company’s ability to retain employees. So as per the attrition rate and employer choice the (Tata consulting services) is the first choice of employers in countries because it is the top IT company in India and also in other companies. The attrition rate of TCS is 11% and the attrition rate of Infosys is 17%. So this also a difference between TCS and Infosys.

According to employees.

The total employees in the (Tata consulting services) are 4 lakh employees and there are 2 lakh employees in Infosys.

As per total income.

The is also a difference in the total income of these two companies. The total income of (Tata consulting services) is Rs 1 lakh crore whereas the total income of Infosys is Rs 65000 crore. And the EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) of Tata consulting services is nearly Rs. 31,000 crores and whereas the total (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) EBITDA of Infosys is Rs. 19,000 crores.

Final profit

According to the final profit of these two companies. The final profit of TCS (Tata consulting service) is Rs. 25,000 crore and the final profit of Infosys is Rs. 16,000 crores.

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According to the TCS leadership.

There are only a few CEO (chief executive officers) has been changed in the TCS from 1969 to 1996 the CEO (chief executive officer) is FC Kohli and later on from 1996-2009 the CEO is S Ramadorai and the present CEO is N Chandrasekaran which is from 2009-2017.

And as we take Infosys there are more than 3 CEO has been replaced in the last 10 years. The CEO of Infosys from 2009 to 2011 is Senapathy Kris Gopalakrishnan and later on, in 2011 the SD Shibulal has been replaced, and finally in 2014 to 2017 the CEO of Infosys is Vishal Sikka. And we all know about the exit of Vishal Sikka because Vishal Sikka wants to acquire new companies because of market-changing are due to high competition in the market but the board devoted this plan of Vishal Sikka.


The growth rate of Infosys is continuously declined in the market because of their continuous changes in top leadership and doing outsourcing of leaders and whereas the Tata services are growing day by day.

So these are the few differences between the TCS (Tata consulting services) and Infosys. So you have to learn some points from this. Is your succession planning is ready for your business and you have to create potential and performance in your business.

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And also you have to focus on your succession strategy, future leadership team, and you also have to fill the talent gap in your company.

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