Success Story of Warren Buffett

By | December 30, 2019

Here is the Success Story of Warren Buffett. The third-richest person in the world. An American investor and, philanthropist. Warren Buffett is known as the most successful investor in the world and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. In this we know about the success story of Warren Buffett, Warren Buffett net worth, Warren Buffett childhood, and lifestyle of Warren Buffett.

Money is not everything. Make sure you earn a lot before speaking such nonsense. – Quote by Warren Buffett

Before we know success story of Warren Buffett. Let’s start with Warren Buffett bio. Warren Buffett was born on 30 August 1930 in Omaha, Nebraska, US. His father was working in a sales broking firm as a salesman but due to the great depression he lost his job and after sometimes his father started his stockbroking firm.

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Warren Buffett Childhood

Let’s know about Warren Buffett childhood. Warren Buffett childhood story was amazing at childhood Warren loved to playing with numbers, reading with books and he also interested in doing small businesses at that time.

At the age of 7 years, Warren read books which name was “1000 ways to make 1000 dollars” and after that he got an idea of pinball game business. He started this business with his friend and purchase a pinball machine and set up that machine at the barbershop because the waiting peoples play this pinball game and he can generate profit from them. This is also an amazing fact about Warren Buffett childhood.

When Warren saw that this business gives him a profit, he reinvests the profit to purchase other pinball machines and set up them in different barbershops and after that he sold this business at 1200$ and proves his skills in childhood. So this was about Warren Buffett childhood story.


Warren was too much interested in doing such kind of businesses in his childhood and he also sells newspapers, coca-cola and chewing from door to door for his self income and at age of 14, he purchased 40 acre of land from his savings and at completing of his collage he had a 9800$ of savings.

Education of Warren Buffett

Education plays an important role in success story of Warren Buffett because many of you want to know about Warren Buffett education, qualification, etc. So let’s know about Education of Warren Buffett. Warren’s father called him “Fireball” because of his business skills. And after sometimes Warren applied for post-graduation at Harvard University but he got rejected for Harvard University and after that he searched for other collages and teachers then he got information about Benjamin Graham and David Dodd they both were the professor at Columbia University. Because of the inspiration of the book “Security Analysis” which was written by Benjamin Graham he decided to take admission to Columbia University. Benjamin Graham played the most important role in education of Warren Buffett because Warren was totally inspired with Graham. Also Benjamin Graham plays the important role in success story of Warren Buffett.

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The decision to take admission to Columbia University was a life-changing or turning point in Warren’s life. Professor Benjamin Graham is also known as “Father of Value Investing”. After this Warren decided to work with Graham in his Firm “Graham Newman” but Graham rejected Warren’s and after 2 years Graham offers Warren this job and from here the real education of Warren Buffett get started. After Warren works with Graham in his firm as a Security Analyst and develops his investing skills in 2 years. 

In 1956, Benjamin Graham retired from his firm so decided to closed his Graham Newman and after that Warren returned to his home town Omaha and he started his partnership firm and by follow the Value Investing theory of Benjamin, Warren earns lots of profit from that partnership firm and became a millionaire at that time. So this was about education of Warren Buffett and how education of Warren Buffett plays an important role in success story of Warren Buffett. 

Owner of Berkshire Hathaway

Many of you want to know how Warren Buffett Started his career and how he became Berkshire Hathaway owner. Let’s know story of Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway. In 1962, Warren’s first time purchase the shares of Berkshire Hathaway at that time Berkshire Hathaway was suffered from huge losses from here Warren Buffett business career started in Berkshire Hathaway and after that Warren continuously purchases the shares of Berkshire Hathaway and got the management to his hands and after convert this firm as a successful business. So investment techniques plays an important role in success story of Warren Buffett. The founder of Berkshire Hathaway was Oliver Chace.

In 1969, he closed his partnership business and became the Owner of Berkshire Hathaway and he deciding to make Berkshire Hathaway as a Holding company and investing in different companies like Geyco, Coca-Cola and Washington post, etc.


Warren started to purchasing shares when he was 11 years old and he started purchasing the shares of Washington post from 1973 and get a return of 9000% and from 1988 he started to purchase the shares of Coca-Cola and now he has 7-8% of Coca-Cola shares.

He follows his theory which was 15% of Philip Fisher and 85% of Benjamin Graham at the time of purchasing stocks. Warren purchases the shares of Quality businesses and when the shares of quality businesses are at undervalued stocks. Warren Buffett was the most Charitable person in the world. So this was about how Warren Buffett became the owner of Berkshire Hathaway and how investment techniques plays an important role in success story of Warren Buffett. 

Lifestyle of Warren Buffett

Let’s know about the lifestyle of Warren Buffett and some personal life of Warren Buffett. Warren’s full name is Warren Edward Buffett and many of you want to know about Warren Buffett’s nickname. Their nickname is The Oracle of Omaha and his age in 2019 is 88 years.

Warren’s born place in Omaha, Nebraska, US and his Sun Sign is Virgo. His nationality is American his elementary school name is Rose hill elementary school.

Warren’s height is 5 ft 10 inches, weight is 83 kg, hair color is white and eye color is green and many of you want to know is Warren Buffett married? Yes, Warren Buffett wife’s name is Astrid Menks.


His twitter followers are 1.49M peoples and Facebook fans are 14,589 peoples and Warren Buffett car collection is also amazing which includes Cadillac CTS-V (Batmobile), Fisker karma, Range Rover, 997 Porshe Turbo, Matte-black Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 458 Italia, Audi R8 and as well as his own private jet Boeing business jet 2.

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die – Quote by Warren Buffett

So this is about the success story of Warren Buffett related to Warren Buffett net worth, Warren Buffett childhood, and lifestyle of Warren Buffett.

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