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By | February 24, 2020

In this we all know about the Co-founder of Apple company the great American entrepreneur and investor Steve Jobs. And in this we know about the biography, success story, and death of Steve Jobs. The story of Steve Jobs started from the unwanted baby of couples which was Steve Jobs.

Lets begin from the early life of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California USA on 24 February 1995. The name of his biological parents is Joanne Schieble (Biological mother of Steve jobs) and Jandali “John” who was the biological father of Steve Jobs he was also a billionaire at that time and great Syrian political leader.

The both Joanne and Jandali were met in college life and fall in love but the father of Jandali disagrees with the relationship because his father opposes the American girl and in the relationship, Joanne gave birth to the unwanted child who was Steve Jobs and Joanne was an undergraduate student when she gave birth to Steve Jobs.

Firstly Joanne and Jandali decide to Abort this child but at that the abortion is illegal. So she gave birth this child and decide on adoption to this child.

And finally Steve Jobs was adopted by the Clara and Paul. Clara was an accountant and Paul was a coast guard veteran and machinist at that time.

But there were too many terms and conditions of Steve Jobs biological parents for there child’s adoption and then they both agreed Steve Jobs education and college life also the both Paul and Clara are agreed with this agreement for Steve Jobs.

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And also as we know that Paul is a very good machinist. So in the early life Jobs also got interested in machines and electronics. Also in the school life, Steve Jobs was a kind of a loner child and frustrated but very had a very intelligent and also innovative thinker and that’s why the administrator of the school wanted to skip Steve ahead to high school but this proposal from the administrator of school is declined by the Steve Jobs parents.

In his childhood, Steve Wozniak was a very good friend of Steve Jobs and later in the both very become the Co-founder of Apple company. Steve Wozniak was a great coder also engineer at that time but Steve Jobs is a good marketer and knows how to sell a product in a market and what is the perfect strategy to sell a product in the market.

He passed his high school from the Homestead high school and had strong tied to the valley of silicon and at that time Bill Fernandez is also a good friend of Steve and at that time Steve made music and poetry as a hobby and always said that the making of computer is an art and we all are artists.

College life of Steve jobs

Later on Steve Jobs started his college at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. And Reed college was a very expensive college at that time but Paul and Clara afford this because of the term and condition by his biological parents and spend money from the good and bright future of Steve Jobs.

But after six months Steve dropped out the college and goes toward the spiritual knowledge and creative and art classes like calligraphy and typography. Steve started to explore himself in college life. This was the college life of Steve jobs.

In 1974, they got a position and started to design video games like Atari (was a modern computer system for video games) but after some months he left that company and started to finding spiritual and move toward India.

Steve traveled to India

In June 1974, he traveled toward India and he visits the famous Ashram Kainchi of Neem Karoli baba in search of spirituality but the Neem Karoli Baba had died in September 1973.

And that Steve started traveling to the famous spiritual places of India like Banaras, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, and most of the famous and spiritual places of North India.

And after traveling many of the cities he met with the Haidakhan Babaji and after that he spent a lot of time on that Ashram and there he gets lots of peace of spirituality.

And after spending almost seven to eight months in India Jobs returned to the US and change his appearance completely like he shaved his head completely and wore traditional Indian clothing and he also became practitioners of Zen Buddhism.

Met with Wozniak

As we already discussed back Steve Wozniak, So when he enrolled at Homestead high school, he met with his future partner of Apple company who was Steve Wozniak who was attending the University of California at that time. And later on, they both became very good friends.

At that time in the field of computer and software the company IBM and Microsoft captures the shares in the computer market. So the competition is very high for Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

So they both started with the making of a circuit board of video game for Atari and Atari offered 100 US dollars to Jobs for this circuit board.

And later on Steve Wozniak was able to make a low cost digital “blue box” a device to operate long-distance telephone lines. And later on this “blue box” became the step to build the Apple company and after this blue box they both were decided to invest in the computer market.

Story of Apple

The company Apple was launched in 1976, by Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs garage Steve Wozniak was the computer coder and circuit designer of Apple company but Steve Jobs had excellent in selling his products and had great convincing skill. For the startup fund, Steve Wozniak sold his scientific calculator also Jobs sold his Volkswagen bus.

When they both launched the first computer of Apple the high profit is earned by both by this first product of Apple also this computer is designed by Steve Wozniak this computer was very highly victorious for mass-produced microcomputer products.

Apple sold these computers for 666.66 dollars each and earned a total profit of 774,000 dollars also they both launched Apple 2 in 1977 in three years of releasing of this company Apple 2 the company sales increased by 700 percent to around to 138 million dollars.

Later on the both were launched Apple’s second model which was a consumer-friendly model launched by Apple 2 also this model captures the maximum market share in the computer market.

When Steve was only 25 years old his name is on Forbes list because he crossed more than 10 million dollars when he was 24 years old also more than 100 million dollars when he was at the age of 25 years.

Apple Logo

After the great success of there company Apple, they needed the best board of directors to made the continuity in the market and the biggest mistake happened here Jobs selected the new board of directors as John Sculley in 1983, who was the CEO of Pepsi-Cola at that time. John was proved a great CEO of Pepsi but John was able to manage the software company because Pepsi and Apple are two different brands and the competition was too intense in the field of software and computer also there are many competitors are available in the market like IBM and Microsoft.

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Bringing John to the board of directors of Apple was the biggest mistake committed by him. Later he regretted that as he was shown the exit door from the company by the board because Steve wanted a closed system no compatibility for the Apple but John want an open system like windows and compatible with all software so they disapprove this strategy of Steve also the behavior of Steve is very rude toward the board of directors.

Later on the company, Apple is divided into two parts the Steve is worked in the project of Macintosh which was introduced in 1984, and another part of Apple is working in the project LISA which was the software of Apple computer.

After the great launch of this Macintosh Steve predicts the high sale of this Macintosh but the sale of this computer is not grew up.

Struggle period of Steve Jobs

After the fall in sales of Macintosh, another side the Bill Gates (chairman of Microsoft) focus on creating a monopoly in the market by his windows. Sculley believed that Steve Jobs hurting the company Apple and it’s time to phase him out from the company. Finally in 1985, the voting happened between the board of directors, and favor goes to John Sculley and Steve left Apple in 1985.

But Steve Jobs has the quality to built any company and give supervision to the company also after Steve left the company the Apple goes down and suffered from the huge losses.


After leaving Apple Steve Jobs founded his new company which was NEXT Inc with 7 million dollars. But he needed more working or investing capital for his new company so he met with many of the investors to invest in his new company.

Later on Steve Jobs invested in the PIXAR company which was the best animation company at that time from George Lucas. This PIXAR animation company produces popular movies. Also this company started a partnership with Disney and Steve Jobs became the largest shareholder of Disney.

The famous movies produced by the PIXAR studios were Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Monsters, Cars, etc. Later on Steve Jobs became a billionaire from this company PIXAR another side the Apple goes more down and down also suffered from huge losses. This was the struggle period of Steve jobs life.

Back to the Apple

In 1997, Steve Jobs returned to his company Apple as a CEO. And started to redesign and reinvent the apple also launched new products finally Apple agrees with the closed system of software. Steve launched a new computer of Apple in 1990, which was transparent with great design.

This new model increases the sales of Apple in the computer market because of the quality and launched an iPod which was a mini music system later on Steve Jobs launched many of products like I phone, IPad and Mac book of Apple. In 2007, he started creating a revolution by his I phones, and after that Apple becomes a brand in the market.

Personal Life

Steve Jobs married Laurene Powell on March 18, 1991. Steve met with Laurene at Stanford business School and started lived together in Palo, with their three children.

He had a girlfriend Chrisann Brennan when he was 23 years old and he has one daughter from Brennan who was Lisa also Jobs made his first software in the name of his daughter Lisa. This was the family and personal life of Steve Jobs.

Death of Steve Jobs

In 2003, Jobs discovered that he was suffering from the neuroendocrine tumor it is a kind of pancreatic cancer. Steve take leave for many months and postponed his surgery.

But in 2004, Jobs recovered from this pancreatic tumor after his successful surgery but in 2009, the reports circulated about the weight of the Jobs.

Later, in January 2011, he stated that he was going for a medical leave but in August 2011, he resigned as the CEO of Apple and handling the reign to Cook who was the current CEO of Apple and in October 2011 he passed away. This was the death story of Steve jobs.

This was the whole biography of Steve Jobs including his education, struggle, Apple, and his death.




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