Jeff Bezos – Founder of Amazon

By | December 31, 2019

“Life is too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful – Quote by Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos was born on 12 January 1964, in New Mexico United States. Jeff’s mother’s name was Jacklyn. When she was 17 years old at that time she gave birth to Jeff Bezos. His father’s name was Ted Jorgensen and his stepfather was Miguel Bezos.

Childhood of Jeff Bezos

Jeff was very creative from childhood even with his toys. Jeff dismantle all of his toys and again mantle them it means Jeff want to know that how the things are working. Jeff was too different from his friends he started his school from River Oaks elementary school.

Jeff spent a lot of his time with his grandfather in holidays. Jeff was interested in technologies he created a new gadget for him. After sometime Jeff and his family were shifted to Florida.

After that Jeff started school from Palmetto High School. At school time he also participated in Science training which was organized by the University of Florida in which he got Silver Knight Award. Jeff was a book lover person and spent his most of time in books and his studies.

College life of Jeff Bezos

Jeff started his college at Princeton University from Electrical Engineering and computer science and got his degree from bachelor of science in 1986. And after Jeff working in Wall Street and also in Fitel, Bankers Trust and many other different companies.

After working in different companies he decided to start his own business. And for analysis he visited different places and analyses the there is too much requirement of the internet in today’s world.

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Chairman – Amazon

Earlier days of Amazon

And finally in 1994, Jeff left his job and start his online business by home. At starting Jeff sells only books because Jeff was also a books lover. He started this online business only by some employees and with only 3 computers. His parents were also very supportive of Jeff in this online business.

At starting his company name was Cadabra and after sometime and finally, in 1995 he set up his company name which was based on famous river amazon in a two month of this name they sell their books in 45 plus countries of the world and their starting profit after this was 20,000 dollars per week.

Rise of Amazon

And after this amazon became unstoppable and after sometimes all the products are available in amazon and this site became the largest online shopping website in the world.

And in 2007 amazon launched Amazon Ebook reader in which everyone can read any kind of book in this. From that Ebook Amazon has generated a large amount of the profit.

MacKenzie Sheri Bezos was her Ex-wife by whom Jeff married in 1993 until their divorce in January 2019. Jeff’s sister’s name is Christina Bezos and his brother’s name was Mark Bezos.

Jeff’s present net worth is approximately 11,590 crores US dollars and his company is a top online shopping website in the world.

Personal life of Jeff Bezos

Let’s know about the lifestyle and personal details of Jeff Bezos. His real and full name is Jeff Preston Jorgensen. The name Jeff was his nickname. He is also a founder of Blue origin the commercial space company which he started for his interest. Jeff height is 5’8″ and weight is 75 Kg, eye color is light brown and hair color is white (semi bald)

The age of Jeff in 2019 is 55 years and he belongs to the Christian religion. His birthplace is Albuquerque, New mexico.U.S. his sun sign is Capricorn, nationality is American and his hometown is New Mexico U.S.

His father’s name was Ted Jorgensen and his mother’s name was Jacklyn Bezos and his sister’s name is Christina Bezos & brother is Mark Bezos. Jeff’s girlfriend’s name is Mackenzie S. Tuttle and at present she is the wife of Jeff.

Jeff’s hobbies are playing golf, playing tennis. His Instagram followers are 757K peoples and Twitter fans are 890K peoples.

According to Jeff the rules of success are to have no regret, follow your heart, not your head, Invest more in the product than marketing, focus on your passion, take a risk, built a culture, pick a good name and stand for something in life.

By using these rules he got success in his life and became unstoppable in his life and standing in the list of Forbes and became the world richest person in 2019.

Jeff has its car collection includes Honda accord which he bought in 1997, Cadillac Escalade in 1.2 crore Rs, Mercedes Benz S450 and Range Rover in 1.95 crore rupees.

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“You don’t choose your passions. Your passions choose you” – Jeff bezos

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