Unknown facts related to Michael Dell

Interesting Facts about Michael Dell

In this, we know about some interesting and unknown facts about Michael Dell related to his life, success story, lifestyle, net worth, and family & children. The full name of Michael was Michael Saul Dell. He was born on 23 February, 1965. Michael was an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and billionaire also he was a founder and CEO of Dell Technologies.

He started his billion business from his dorm room with his minimum investment. Michael was raised in that family where he taught the value of money and how to invest money. His mother was a stockbroker and his father was a dentist even he dropped his college to pursue his business or to make money.

At 20 years old he registered his Dell computers corporation and buy 27 he being nominated as youngest CEO in Forbes magazine. Dell is still one of the biggest computer manufacturers and one of the biggest companies in the US.

1- A few year ago he suggested apple to shutdown the company

There is nothing worse to say something publicly and having taken out of contacts it did happen to Michael Dell 14 years ago when he said that Paul had shut down the company and sell stock back to his shareholders. Fortunately for him up to this day people haven’t gone the statement basically at the time Apple stock has low at 16 dollars and he was asked what he does if he was the CEO. Due to his harass answer, people are watching both company performance in the stock market and when apple reaches the trillion dollars milestone they became robbed in his face.

2- He started MSD capital to manage his family wealth

Michael Dell is the smart guy and he knows how to run a business and taking care of his family’s wealth with his job. A few years ago he started an MSD capital a company that manages his money by investing money in different startups and stocks.

This means his fortune has expanded every day through these smart investments. Some of his investments are Philips and Vaneusen or startups like an HR software company. Through MSD capital Michael earns his millions of dollars in real estate in Huawei, Mexico, and California.

3- He donated over 1.5 billion dollars to charity

Michael didn’t grow in a low-class family having to struggle for his success he was built for an entrepreneur for his young stage. Like any entrepreneur giving back even more so far he donated more than 1.5 billion dollars to the charity and NGO who fight for poverty. Together with his wife Susan Dell they have a foundation for philanthropic life to provide food, education, and technology to those who need this in different countries.

4- He was making $50,000 to $80,000 from his dorm room

Michael was a smart child. He started his side jobs as a teenager and the money which he made from them he invests that money to buy stocks. He got his first computer when he was 7 years old and after several years he got an apple 2 and that he quickly disassembled to how it works.

During his first year of college he making more money than his teacher. So he used that to convenience his parents that college was not for him. At that time his new company PC’s limited is making around 50,000 to 80,000 in sales and he was only 19 years old at that time.

5- His net worth is estimated to be $28.4 billion

Because Michael Dell is making money from his young age Michael knew how to invest money to make deal with others. Dell is now a public trade company and he is one of the richest people in the world. His net worth is estimated to be 28.4 billion dollars which started as a small business just from 1000 dollars he makes a major operation corporation that operates revenue of 80 billion dollars per year. He was married at 29 years old and he has 4 children.

6- Dell was fined $100 million for fraud

No company is saved from fines and scandals. A few years back Dell was accused misleading investors by using the money which the company received from the chipmaker Intel to pad its coder earning statements.

Intel paid money to Dell using rebaits using infertility to turned down Dell used a second supplier AMD and when Intel found it they cut the rates and that one Dell financial problems from surfaced because they used money from the Intel to meet the estimate earning for share. And for this they were fined 100 million dollars it is a small price to pay since Intel paid dell roughly 4.3 billion dollars over three years.

7- He is buying small TV station nationwide

Michel Dell is in the hardware industry. And every asked question to him that what he had to do with the TV station. And Dell always gives a smart answer the federal government is turning off several broadcast TV stations to free up the space for the broadcast signals needed by some telephone users to play video, run apps and make calls. Michael Dell saw this little opportunity and bought some of these TV stations he later sells them to the FCC or other providers. Some people predict that he could make 1.4 billion dollars from these sales.

8- They are going public twice

Going public is a big thing and comparable company to the moon financially speaking when Michael considered it being in a private health company is too much of struggle they decided to go public back in 1988. The funny thing is in 2013, Dell decided to go the private and bought back to the company for 24.4 billion dollars and rumors have that he was going to the public again this year. Now people are wondering if they are going to poll them move once again just repeat the cycle.

9- He spends 2.7 million per years for his family security

There is nothing more than important to feel secure especially when you are a public person and your family could be in danger. Celebrities and billionaires are spending lots of money each year on their security and Michael Dell is one of those people he spends roughly more than 2.7 million dollars keep his family safe because in the generation of social media every time you posted where you are going and it is easy to target for those people who tracked you.

10- He has a 100 million dollars penthouse in Manhattan and many other assets.

After a lifetime of work and investing. Michael is one of the billionaires that likes to have in every place he spends more than a week. Therefore he earns a few stakes, luxury sports cars, private planes, and Vintage collection. The most expensive penthouse he purchased for 100 million dollars, a 73 million dollars and 7 bedroom stake in Huwaei and a 40 million dollars penthouse in Boston along with 3 luxury cars and a Dream Liner private plane.

11- His kids are following his steps

Michael has four children and they seemed to be following his entrepreneurial steps, his son Zachary Dell started an online dating website for college students called Thread, and one of his daughters Alexa is a brand in business development strategist. All of his children are graduated from the top colleges of the world with great business skills and educations.

12- In 1996, Dell was booking online orders

In 1996, Dell decided to make his online website for marketing they were taking online orders and went on to make a TV commercial for promoting their website and online sales with this technique they were present for their customers and client everywhere showing them it is easy it is to make a business to them as the year’s dell started their website for their supplies too.

13- He doesn’t believe that AI (Artificial Intelligence) will take over the Tech Industry

The newest trend in the tech industry is AI and AR these two are about to take over not only the industry but also replace most of the humans in it. It is said that robots will take over jobs in multiple industries because some have already done it. Michael Dell strongly believes that this will not happen because they don’t have there own complex brands.

14- Michael Dell is investing $ 1 billion into internet of things

Michael Dell is an average supporter of technology and the internet he was quick to the world wide web and now wants to embrace the internet of things. He announced his 3 years Dell was invested 1 billion dollars to create hardware and software to manage the billions of devices connected to the web. Dell is once the biggest manufacturers but that ship is sold for them in last years and they now produce corporate products, store servers, and security servers so they are trying to reach a younger and broader audience.

15- Dell is used by North Korea’s dictators

Sources say that Kim Jong-un is a Dell user and multiple pictures have surfaced around Dell users. The company and Michael can’t dell do it anything about to especially because they can buy his product from China or other countries. Some say that this is bad PR for the brand but it also shows that some of the nations choose Dell not apple or other products depends on the perspective in the end.

So these are some interesting and unknown facts about Michael Saul Dell related to his life, Success story, lifestyle, net worth, and family & children. 

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