How to Get Australian Student Visa And International Scholarships 2023

By | June 10, 2023

How to Get Australian Student Visa And International Scholarships:-

Going to Australia is your dream?. Want to experience their culture, food, and advanced education system to make a successful career. Then our How to Get Australian Student Visa And International Scholarships guide definitely for you.

Australian authorities prepare everything to admire international students’ academic skills, ability, and knowledge to give visas and scholarships. That’s how you can easily make a suitable journey and pursue an advanced degree from Australian universities.

But you need to prepare some documents, legal evidence, and budget before applying for an Australian Student Visa. And International Scholarships are also covered with a bunch of criteria. But don’t worry here you get all the answers.

How to Get Australian Student Visa :-


# Procedures To Get Australian Student Visa Easily 2023 #

*Australian Visa application online requires many different documents depending on your nationality and everything will need digitally, So make sure you are prepared well, before applying for an Australian Student Visa. And note that Australian authorities may change their rules and regulation at any time for any reason. So below we give some necessary documentation that is mandatory to apply for an Australian Student Visa. *

1 . Create an account and complete The Online Visa Form

Student visa subclass 500 is the site for all international students who want to apply for an Australian Student Visa. First, you need to fill in personal details like name, contact, email, and then create a password to log in.

Then prepare some digital documents and have a  COE code to scan and submit on the website (which we discuss below).

Moreover, you go through from Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements where the eligibility criteria are

  • nationality,
  • previous immigration history,
  • Value of your chosen course

Some other requirements are health conditions, financial statements, etc (discussed below in detail).

And it will be approved by attending an interview with your nearest Australian embassy.

Next fill up your family details, criminal records, work experience, etc, know more on the home affairs website.

After That, pay the visa application fee ( $420) to generate the TRN number. pay with your credit card online, it will help to track the current visa status. This is the processing charge for bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. courses in Australia. Moreover, you can change or update your course while studying there but you need to re-apply for a new visa.

So this is only just a start for applying for an Australian Student Visa, next you go through various real evidence, documentation, physical interviews, and other eligibility processes. If you want to know more check out the below section.

  1. Confirmation Of Enrollment Or COE

For an Australian Student Visa, You need to fill a COE code which you get after enrolling in any Australian university or college. This process goes like this, apply for the university or college if they accept your offer, they send an invitation, next you need to pay their tuition fee then you get the COE code. So this is the first important document that you need to fill for the further visa application process.

  1. English Proficiency Test By DIBP

If you do not belong to an English native country, you may live in India, then the spoken English test is compulsory which is taken by the Australian government agency called DIBP.  Department of Immigration and Border Protection involves checking the immigration process, citizenship, and outsiders’ activities. If you belong to an English native country but don’t complete at least 5 years of education there then this rule also applies to you. IELTS, PTE, CAE, etc are some English tests to prove you can speak in English on a requirement basis.

  1. Eligible Criteria Based On Interview – Character / Health / Financial Condition

It is a compulsory requirement for most country visas. For Australian Student Visa it is also called a Character Statutory Declaration Form. Where the eligibility criteria are a good character person, a Police statement, no criminal records, and a clearance certificate from your police station.

The immigration process for student visas also checks the applicant’s health condition. For that, you need to attend a doctor’s appointment that confirms your fit before entering the country. Although it is more common for students who want to take doctors or nursing courses. Lastly, make sure the doctor is authorized by the Australian immigration department.

Besides doctor and character, a financial statement is also necessary to get an Australian Student Visa. Here you need to give evidence that you or your parents can manage the expense of study, tuition fee, living cost, travel, eating, and other expenses in Australia. As per our research, your parents need to earn approx $40k per year or you can manage the approx living cost of $13k ( without including tuition and travel expense) per year.

  1. Prepare These Digital Documents For Australian Student Visa

Online visa application requires some legal and authorized documents in digital form, which you need to submit in their application. Followings are

  • A passport copy that is valid until your course ends in Australia.
  • A copy of COE or Confirmation Of Enrollment.
  • A copy of your financial statement or bank balance
  • Health insurance statement
  • Result copy of your English proficiency test
  • Previous criminal record statement
  • 4 Passport size photo that taken within a few months
  • 1 copy of your birth certificate
  • Evidence that you only go for study in Australia, means proof of temporary stay.
  • Real evidence of visa fee submission, $400 approx.

These checklists you also get from the Home Affairs website. After you scanned all recommended documents then you need to create an account for applying to the ImmiAccount. It will help to keep updated on your recent visa status.

Mostly the process of this visa application will complete within 30 days. If it takes longer, then you updated the Email notification. But the process of this application needs to be at least 120 days before your course starts.

Mostly the visa allows you to stay a maximum of 30 days after your course ends and 60 days if you choose a 10-month course. Although you can extend the date of your visa by consulting with the Department of Home Affairs.

# How to Get International Scholarships To Study in Australia #

In Australia, international students can pursue many scholarships depending on their results and the authority’s criteria. Some of these scholarships are funded by the Australian government, universities and some are externally or privately funded. You need to go through their website to know more about the eligibility and process to get International Student Scholarships in Australia. So below we give the list of these International Scholarships which you get from this country.

  1. Government Funded Scholarships For International Students

Scholarships of Australia Awards

This is an Australian award scholarship that is offered by government authorities, the department of foreign affairs, and trade. Who takes responsibility to help international students to make their education affordable in this country. A step to help specifically Australia’s neighboring countries students like Asia specific Indonesia, middle east. The scholarships include full tuition fee, travel cost, living cost contribution, health insurance, etc.

Scholarship of destination Australia award

Destination Australia Award (DAA), is a concept to help both domestic and international students financially by the government authorities. DAA provides over 1000 scholarships up to $15000 expenses per year including study and living expenses.

Scholarship of Australian Research Training Program

Research Training Program or RTR converted into IPRS program January 2017. Where doctorate and research degree students get a scholarship to maintain Australia’s top research universities’ expense. It is a postgraduate Scholarship program that takes responsibility for tuition fees and health coverage.

  1. Australian Universities funded Scholarships for international students

The International Research Scholarship University Of Sydney – A undergraduate and postgraduate degree scholarship for international students. You need to have an excellent academic performance according to the University of Sydney.

International scholarship Macquarie University in Sydney – “Tuition Fee” scholarship for international students, who have excellent merit and want to study undergraduate or postgraduate degree from this university. If you are eligible for this Macquarie University scholarship then the scholarship amount would go up to $7600 approx.

The Public Research Scholarship University of Melbourne – If you are looking for a master’s in research from Australia, the University of Melbourne offers a reasonable scholarship for you. Where tuition fees, health coverage, living cost, etc are included if you are eligible. Moreover, this university is accredited for achieving more master’s research students domestically and internationally.

Flinders University Higher Degree Research Scholarship – international students who want to go for high research study in Australia. FIPRS provides excellent merit students a scholarship that is packed with a living allowance, tuition fee, etc. Did you know that Flinders University gives most scholarships on masters and Ph.D. level degree courses?

  1. Externally Funded Scholarships For International Students

Northcote Graduate Scholarship For UK International – A scholarship For UK students who want to go to Australia for postgraduate study. Everything will be undertaken by Northcote Trust that offers up to 3 years’ degree.

Australian-American Fulbright Program – A US international scholarship for US residence students who want to experience Australian institute studies.

So these are some International Scholarships that you get from Australian authorities, universities, and others. Go and check their websites to know more about your eligibility and requirements.

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