How Ratan Tata create a storm in Internet and why his fans calling him a Hollywood star?

By | January 24, 2020

In this, we know about how Ratan Tata creates a storm on the internet by shared his younger day’s image when he stays in Los Angeles, and after this image his fans calling him Hollywood star.

As we all know that Ratan Tata is a great Indian entrepreneur and Former chairman of Tata Groups and Sons.

But nowadays a piece of news was coming that on Thursday he shared a picture on Instagram of his young days when he was in Los Angeles.

Ratan Tata at his young days in Los Angeles

And in this young days post has over more than 2 lakh likes and more than 2,345 comments and now his fans calling him a Hollywood star after this post.

He shares this post with the cation ” I was going to post this yesterday, but I was then told about “Throwback” and how they occur on Thursday. So here is a throwback from my days in Los Angeles, not long before I happily returned to India.

When he joined Instagram after some months of joining Instagram he has more than 8 lakh followers on Instagram because of his wonderful posts.

And after this post on Instagram his fans calling him a Hollywood star and there are very interesting comments to see on his Instagram after this post.

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