Facts you don’t know about Mark Cuban

By | March 5, 2020

Here we know about some interesting and unknown facts about Mark Cuban related to his life, success, Micro solutions, net worth, business, and education. Mark was born on July 31, 1958 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania US. He is a famous American investor and entrepreneur.

Mark Cuban is chairman AXS TV and co-owner of 2929 entertainment. Also he is the main “Shark” investor on ABC reality TV series, Shark Tank. He is the owner of the NBA (National Basketball Association). He completed his education from the University of Pittsburgh Indiana University, Bloomington in 1981.

After college Mark moved to Dallas and worked as a bartender and salesman before he was fired after less than a year. Cuban started his own business called Micro Solutions which he sold after a few years to Compuserve for 6 million dollars although he cleared about 2 million after taxes. After that Cuban started another business Broadcast.com that was sold to Yahoo nearly 6 Billion dollars in 1999.

1- He sold garbage bags door to door at 12 years old

Mark had an entrepreneurial spirit at the age of 12. His first job is to sold garbage bags door to door to earn expensive basketball shoes. Also when he was 16 he found a way to make money by running paper from Pittsburgh news. He also sold his stamp collection to pay for college.

2- He has paid almost 2 million dollars in fines to NBA (National Basketball Association)

In Marks 15 years NBA owner he paid fines almost 13 times of $ 2 million. In 2002, Mark was faced with the largest fine in NBA history about 500 thousand dollars for repeat criticism of NBA officiating and he also donates a matching amount to the charity.

3- He stand at Mavericks games until his team makes their first basket

As the owner of the team, Cuban has one of the best seats in the house but he until sit down at Mavericks games until his team makes their first basket.

4- Cuban dropped out of his high school

Mark was a very successful student and this is why his junior high school Mark decided to drop out and take out his GED so that he could start his college year early. He started the college University of Pittsburgh but left after one year because he wanted to go to the school that didn’t cost his much money. He chooses Indiana University because this university is most cheap university moreover comes under the top ten business schools.

5- He is a Guinness world record holder

When Cuban sold his company broadcast.com to Yahoo for 5.7 billion dollars in 1999. He decided to use some profits to buy a high priced private jet instead of a learning broker to handle a sale Cuban buy a jet from the internet with a single click. Mark’s purchase of his 40 million dollar jet was recognized by the Guinness world record been the most expensive single e-commerce transaction.

6- He worked seven years straight without a vacation

While building up his initial businesses he worked seven years continuously without any vacation. All his hard work is definitely paid off and now his current net worth is around 3.4 billion dollars and also comes under the richest billionaire of the world.

7- In college he got paid to teach dance lessons

Mark also paid to teach dance classes in college for 25$ an hour. He also earned money from hosting a disco dance party his dance party skill was put on the play when he competes with stars in 2007 where he was the fifth celebrity eliminated.

8- He has unsuccessfully tried to buy three major league baseball franchises.

Cuban has a passion for sports and baseball as well. For years he was achieving the dream of owning a major league baseball team. In 2008, he bid 1.3 billion dollars to buy the Chicago Cubs. In 2010, he attempted to purchase Texas Rangers around 600 million dollars, and in 2012 placed a bid for Los Angeles Dodgers also expressed to buying a New York Mack.

9- Before he made billions, He tried to become an actor

After he sold his first company he decided to pursue his another passion for acting. Cuban took acting classes to took several auditions without any success. He received few callbacks but that parts are already given to another. Mark later said he wouldn’t able to get success in the field of acting because he probably had to create broadcast.com and sold it for billion dollars. He later took on the role of president in the movie.

10- He owns a yacht with a basketball court

Mark purchased a 288 ft yacht in 2011 and ranks among the 50 superyachts in the world. It was named one of his favorite books “fountainhead” the yacht had four decks with a basketball court and the most luxurious interior from the inside.

11- He met with his wife at the GYM

Cuban married Tiffany Stewart 20 years back and Cuban met with Stewart at the GYM in 1997. Marks married Stewart along with only 20 close friends and family members.

12- He considered running for political office

Mark does not identify so in republican and democrat parties and has donated to both of his parties side as a political ideal. He stated that running for a president is a funny idea and claimed he could support either Hillary or trump in the 2016 elections.

13- Mark Cuban is neighbors with George W. Bush

Marks own a 24000 sq ft mansion in the Prieston. The 11.5 million dollar home has 13 bathroom and 10 bedrooms his high profile neighbors is former president George W. Bush and technology billionaire Wrose pro.

14- He had a cameo in a rap video

In 2009, rappers make a music video song “Saved at the money” without spending time he convinced the owner of the mansion to use his mansion for video a Lamborghini dealership let them for a shoot and listed the help of several celebrities who made cameo appearance free of charge. Mark Cuban was one of those celebrities.

15- He is offered to invest the most money on shark tank

You have to highlight this one because the Shark always allows to back out deals of the year after doing their intelligence but mark has made the highest combined investment offer on the show total more than 20 million dollars in potential investment today. Mark is also the richest person on the appeared the show.

So these are some unknown and interesting facts about Marks Cuban related to his life, success, Micro Solutions, net worth, business, and education.

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