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By | February 27, 2020

In this we know about some unknown and interesting facts related to the Co-founder of Google Larry Page. The full name of Larry Page is Lawrence Edward Page who was born on March 26, 1973 in east lancing, Michigan, United States. He is best known for starting the web browser google with his friend Sergey Brin. Larry Page and Sergey Brin both are the co-founders of google in 1988.

Larry is just 45 years old and stands as a true inspiration for the young entrepreneurs, students, and billionaire. He keeps his private life for himself and probably deletes which he searches on google and in this we know about some unknown facts about Larry Page related to his life, success, foundation, net worth, and contribution.

1- The current net worth of Larry Page is approx 50,800,000,000 US dollars

Google is giant it is always been a great product and a money machine the two founders made billions off it. And only in the last 20 years this company got developed too much also being a money-making machine. According to Forbes 2019 Larry Page is the tenth richest person in the world.

2- Some people says that he created a google alone

Everywhere you look and every book you will see that two names come up when you search for the companies founders. Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s google project is started by both of them but some say that Larry works only himself. At first Larry appointed himself a CEO while Brin named googles co-founder served as google president for a time. But some people say that google is created by Larry alone helped by Brin.

3- He got the Jeff Bezos to be one of the 1st investors in google.

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After starting google Larry and Brin thinking about more than just a project but the immediate money to started up to get probably. They raised most of the money from their family and friends but among them also other investors like Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon) unfortunately from the Bezos at the time he wanted to invest in the newly found company the funding round closed. Since he had 4.1 billion dollars and it was hard to convenience people & his investment is too helpful but it’s unclear but he still owns the share in google now.

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4- Larry is the CEO of Alphabet

Along the year’s Larry Page is being the CEO of Google twice. He was the CEO of Google from 1998 to 2001 when he stepped down Smith to take a lead but took the position back in 2015. Later that in 2015, Alphabet was born and Larry moves theirs as CEO. Alphabet is created to being a perfectly structure company of google in October 2015 after that which became a parent company of Google, they made this company for smaller projects like google fiber, Waymo, Calico could be independent of google and can develop without affecting each other.

5- He graduated from Stanford, the university from where all great minds go

After attending the University of Michigan, Larry Page went for a Ph.D. in computer science from Stanford University. And this was his best decision ever he made because at Stanford he met with his co-founder friend who was Sergey Brin also their love in computer science brought them together to built one of the biggest companies in the world. If you didn’t know that Stanford is the best university in the US and second in the world as it the place for famous people, entrepreneurs, and billionaires such as Steve Jobs and John f Kennedy.

6- He lost money in youtube due to extremist content.

Youtube is acquired by Google in 2006 for 1.6 billion dollars. Since then lots of things happened and changed due to video extreme the ads shown on youtube come from google and can be set from the google ads account. So the big companies are paid lots of money to have shown their ads before playing the video.

However in 2017, lots of ads have been featured in a video showing racist and extremist content of course this is very bad for brands even worse for google and youtube. But so many brands remove their ads from youtube and this caused a serious loss to youtube. However this problem is fixing by google and youtube later.

7- A former google employee wrote a controversial memo criticizing diversity

Larry and Brin make the google best place to work. They have a strict and formal process for working also they tracked the best people for working that’s why they stay above from their competitors. But recently one of his employees wrote the memo it dressing a serious issue seeing experiencing regarding racism and sexism criticizing to deal with the issues.

He was fired after the memo among the story broke on the news google was faced with some serious ligation around 60 women who came after this saying they are also facing similar problems while working in google.

8- He didn’t talk to Sergey Brin after the mistress scandal in 2014

Sergey Brin the co-founder of google was married to Anni Wojcicki who was a biotic analyst and entrepreneur they are happily married. Then the cheating scandal in a broken news and having proof of google class marketing director having an affair. So after this issue he didn’t talk to Sergey Brin after this mistress scandal in 2014.

9- He had a 600 guest wedding with Richard Branson as his best man

As we mention before he kindly lives a normal life and does not show his money for that change at his wedding. You only live once in a life so make a worth that he married Lucinda Southworth a research scientist and sister of famous model Carrie Southworth in 2007. The wedding is pretty big with 600 guests attending the beach of Arabian Island where Richard Branson as his best man. And now they have two pretty little children.

10- He bought a 45,000,000 dollars yacht with a helipad and jacuzzi on the deck

Larry Page is not like another billionaire yes he had a lot of money but he lives a normal and comfortable life. He has an Eco house, Eco car and has two children but in 2011 he bought a mega yard boat for 45,000,000 million dollars which were more expensive than his house and cars which comes with the helipad and jacuzzi on the deck and lots of facilities on that yard which an only a billionaire can afford.

11- He runs 1 of the most important companies in UK and US.

Google is a product which made in the USA but nowadays they offer their services in all over the world. In the UK the google is too big also has the second-largest market after the US the UK generated 7.8 billion dollars mainly from advertising in 2016 which is nearly 9% of US giant’s global revenue.

12- He suffered from Vocal cord paralysis

In 2013, Larry Page is suffered from Vocal cord paralysis. His vocal cord didn’t get recover properly and left them becoming weaker and didn’t move his spectrum fast forward 25 years it seems another effect his cord again means that his voice could be effected and he could even lose his voice with time.

13- He is an investor in Kitty hawk, Tiwgtail and Tesla


Larry Page has a small fortune he is a good entrepreneur and good businessman while he made money just from google he is not buying any houses and cars so he just invested money in other smart and Eco-friendly technology like Tesla, twig tail and Kitty hawk all these things are related to his life and he believes in education. So these technologies are related to Eco-friendly and that’s why Larry invested in them.

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14- He makes only 1 dollar salary per year

The salary only 1 dollar makes for both Larry Page and Sergey Brin this is a kind of moment started by many of the billionaires in the world that they get only 1 dollar salary per year.

15- He named google backrub at first

In 1996, when Google was a baby search engine is used to go by another name which was backrub because the program analyze backlink to understand and how important to website was while other sites it related to. Backrub was operating on Stanford servers for the time in the end Larry decided that backrub is a bad name and started looking for another one and in the end they go with google.com.

So these are the unknown and interesting facts related to Larry Page the co-founder of google related to his life, success, foundation, net worth, contribution, children, and family.

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