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By | December 30, 2019

Here are 15 facts about Jack Ma related to his Alibaba Groups, Jack Ma’s net worth, Jack Ma Kung Fu movie and Jack Ma future plans. So let’s start 15 facts about Jack Ma.

1- Jack Ma was the co-founder of Alibaba groups the name of “Alibaba” comes from the Arabic language.

Let’s get started with the facts about Alibaba. The big part of any product is a naming process a good name help to attract the customers towards the product and help to make an own place in a market and industries and this name Alibaba comes from the Arabic language. Alibaba was many in the past who help the poor this was a fairy tale and now at present this name gives to the Jack business because the Jack business helps to connect the peoples and work on the world’s E-commerce. So this facts about Jack Ma related to Alibaba Groups.


2- Jack Ma’s net worth is approximately 46.5 billion dollars.

Jack Ma’s net worth is $46.5 billion. Jack Ma was a self-made billionaire who started with nothing and now he is one of the topmost billionaires of the world. His knowledge, money, and support often requested by lots of peoples all over the world. Running Alibaba group Jack Ma married together with the fortune of more than 46.5 billion dollars and now Alibaba is the biggest E-commerce company of the world and china they also have an online shopping website like Ali express. So this fact is related to Jack Ma’s net worth.

3- Jack Ma claimed in an interview that fake products are better than the original products.


Many of you want to know “are AliExpress products fake” let’s know about Alibaba fake products. Jack knows that everyone needs nice products but they can’t afford them this problem was the fix. So they made a product which is most similar to those products but are cheaper and china was the biggest fake product manufacturer country in the world and they are not afraid to copy. The biggest brand like Apple, Nike and Gucci were also suffered from fake products made by china. So this facts about Jack Ma related to Alibaba fake products.

4- After leaving the Alibaba groups he plans to go back to school and teach.

Let’s know about Jack Ma future plans. Jack Ma was a Chief executive officers of the Alibaba groups for the first ten years he steps down CEO become an executive chairman but Jack Ma actually wants to go back to school and teach again about businesses to young people and he has enough knowledge about businesses so it is easy to find a spot in the educational field. So this is about Jack Ma future plans.

5- His business is full of scammers and fake products.

Co-founder of Alibaba groups

Many of you ask “Is Alibaba scammer company” or “Aliexpress Scammer”. Alibaba often deeds by people has a business that provides the perfect place for scammers and fake products. Everyone knows that China makes famous products and some of the industries of china steal the products and make them at a low price and then sell. Everybody knows Ali express is also a part of Alibaba groups which many peoples used to sell fake products through scam buyers. So this is an interesting facts about Jack Ma Alibaba Groups.

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6- In 2005 Alibaba groups acquired “Yahoo” in China.

Yahoo China was launched on September 24, 1999 and in 2005 Alibaba make a partnership with Yahoo.


7- Jack applied for 30 jobs and got rejected to all of them this was the most failure time of his life.

Let’s know about Jack Ma rejection in life. Nobody guesses that Jack Ma become rich which he has at present he had good skills when he was young but he was also suffered from many failures. Jack Ma rejected by Harvard 10 times. He applied for Harvard business school 10 times but got rejected every time and he always enjoys sharing his story of rejection that he got rejected for 30 jobs and also for KFC job where his all friend got selected but only he got rejected in that job. So this one is also a fun facts about Jack Ma.

8- Jack Ma starred in a famous movie Kung Fu with Jet Li.

Let’s know about Jack Ma kung fu movie. Everybody knows that Jack Ma sees in the interviews and he likes to perform for his audience and he also loves to works in movies and he also played a role in a movie in 2017. In this movie Jack ma plays the role of Kung Fu fighter and the producer of this movie is Jet Li and the movie is launched in 2017 and he also performs a dance for Alibaba anniversary. So this is also a interesting facts about Jack Ma.

9- He was inspired by the American business models and by their techniques.


Jack Ma was always a big fan of American businesses like yahoo and eBay. In 2000 trying to find his ways to top and move his main operation businesses to silicon valley from all the big guys are admired. Jack Ma was a very open-minded person with Alibaba he wants to make connected the peoples with products online.

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10- Jack Ma donations to environmental causes like air pollution, solarium tanning, etc.

Let’s know about Jack Ma donations. Alibaba is a business which doesn’t make pollution too much because the products are mostly sold on website or online. But Jack knows that our planet is suffering from environmental issues and degradation. Since most of the richest peoples are donating for the environment and jack also donates 0.3% of revenue for the environment for air and water quality and helps to make the world a better place. So this facts about Jack Ma related to Jack Ma donations to environmental causes.

11- He bought a house for 191 million dollars in Hong Kong.

He bought the house in 2015 for 191 million dollars in Hong Kong which was an amazing and luxurious house in Hong Kong at this house is made in best and tourist location. So this fact is related to Jack Ma’s house.

12- Alibaba invests in Artificial Intelligence technology but Jack thinks that it is bad for the human being.


We all know about the AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and robots are the future there are many places where the robots are required to make faster. Let’s know some though of Jack Ma on AI. Like Alibaba and Facebook companies these companies investing in AI for shipping and customer service faster and better but Jack says many times in his interviews that AI is dangerous for humans because AI acquires all the jobs in the market. So this facts about Jack Ma on AI (Artificial Intelligence).

13- Alibaba’s initial public offering in September 2014 was the biggest in the world.

Going public is a big deal for all companies. You have to be clean and transparent and Alibaba groups decided to go publicly. Alibaba broke the record of the largest listed IPO and this was the record of broke the largest IPO in the world.

14- Jack Ma made a deal with American President Donald Trump to make 1 million jobs for Americans by 2021.


In 2017 the president of America Donald Trump met with Jack Ma and discussed business and there Jack Ma announced that he will create 1 million new jobs to America by 2021. And also create 30 million jobs in china. So this is an amazing facts about Jack Ma.

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15- Jack also stated that he doesn’t have time to spend his own money.

The biggest problem for all the billionaires is to spend their own money because spending Billions of dollars is quite hard. Jack says that he was also happy when he earned 12 dollars in a month because he had not time to spend this money. So this one is also interesting facts about Jack Ma. 

Quotes by Jack Ma

If you don’t give up, you still have a chance to win. Giving up is a great failure 

Forget about your competitors, focus on your customers 

So these are some facts about Jack Ma related to Alibaba Group, Jack Ma’s net worth, Jack Ma Kung Fu movie and Jack Ma future plans.

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