Facts About Elon Musk

By | December 24, 2019

Here we are going to know facts about Elon Musk the founder and CEO of SpaceX, co-founder and CEO Tesla Inc. and chairman of Solar City. His current net worth is 3,740 crore USD. And in this we know about some interesting facts about Elon Musk related to his life, net worth, how he revolutionized this world and his future ambitions. So lets start the facts about Elon Musk.  

1- He coded his first game when he was 12 years old and sold it for 500$, Basically making him a prodigy

The game name was a “Blastar” the web version of this game is also available on the internet you can play this game on the internet. He started coding at very young like Bill Gates and spend most of the time reading books.

2- Musk has said that he wants to die on the mars, not earth.

Lets know about Elon Musk mars mission. Musk Space X is planning an ambitious mission to mars with a view to making our life in two planets and his dream is to colonize mars and also make the space-traveling from one planet to another in just 1000$ and the current price is around 10 billion dollars. He wants people in mars in the next 6 years and he also stared a colonization process to mars. So this is a wonderful fact about Elon Musk related to his future ambition.


3- He is donated money to both republican and democrat presidential candidates

Let’s check out some Elon Musk political views. Musk has described himself as between republican and democrat. So he donated for both the parties he contributed 100,000 dollars to Obama’s real action campaign. In a recent statement he said that his Tesla future is not trended by the Trump presidency. So this was a surprising fact about Elon Musk related to his political views.

4- When musk was at college he fed himself for less than 1$ a day

He has nothing while he is studying and he added pepper salt in his cheap noodles and he dropped so many weekend parties at college time due to no money.

5- He has been married twice to the same person

Only few people know this fact related to Elon Musk marriage. He married a British actress Talulah Riley in 2008 and announced their separation in 2012 and after they remarry in 2013 and file for divorced in 2014 again and their divorced was final in 2016. So this is an unbelievable fact about Elon Musk related to his life.

6- Musk was a co-founder and member of the Paypal mafia

After his Zip2 success it did not take Elon for taking his next target the banking industry so he started X.com. Pay Pal and X.com are head to head a couple of the years and unfortunately he was out stated by his CEO in 2000 because of leadership disagreement and when he sold pay pal his share was 105 million dollars. So this was also an amazing fact about Elon Musk.


7- He brought a McLaren F1, did not insure it and then wrote it off. And he also uses the car like a submarine project

He bought this car in 1999, when he was 28 years old at 1 million dollars it is too difficult to insure this car, so later he crashed this car and he is too passionate about cars. He bought a car in 2013 at auction nearly 1 million dollars intense to convert submarine in real for his project.

8- Robert Downey Jr. modeled his tony stark character on musk in a movie

The marvel film in which the Robert Downey Jr modeled his tony stark character and this movie is based on Elon Musk according to Downey Jr and french director Tony stark character it just a more fanboy version of Elon Musk. And this was also an awesome fact about Elon Musk. 

9- He had three official nationalities

Many of you didn’t know about Elon Musk nationality. Musk was born in South Africa but left for Canada when he was 19 and then he became an American citizen in 2002. So this is a fascinating fact about Elon Musk related to his nationality.

10- Elon Musk Tesla Salary is just 1$ a year

Only a few people know that he wasn’t the founder of Tesla he discovers the company and then bought himself in. After arguing with CEO he fired him and installed with himself and now Tesla is the topmost electric car making company in the world. And if we take Elon Musk Tesla salary it’s just $1 dollar a year.


11- Musk dropped out of his applied physics Ph.D. course after two days to pursue his vision

After completing two degrees in both physics and economics he enrolled in a Ph.D. course at Stanford in 1995 when he was 24 after 2 days he got bored and started the business with his brother called Zip2. He borrowed 28000$ from his father and started a software company. So this was an surprising fact about Elon Musk related to his education.

12- Musk thinks that AI is the most serious threat to the survival of the human race

Let know about some thoughts of Elon Musk on AI. He invested in various AI (artificial intelligence) and even founded a non-profit AI research company he believes that the growth of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the most serious threat to the survival of the human race and upcoming future. So this is also an fascinating fact about Elon Musk


13- He is building the second largest building in the world: Giga Factory

Let’s know about Elon Musk Giga Factory. He is building the 2nd largest building or a factory for sustainable energy and creating the batteries more than the rest of the world produce because he wants to shift the people to sustainable energy so he creates his factory and this factory is also known as Giga Factory.

14- You can completely off-grid from an energy point of view because of him

A few months ago he built a new type of solar panel which are completely look like a roof tile but have a capacity to capture the sunlight and these roof tiles help to give power to the entire house and the best thing is the price of these energy capturing tiles is less than normal tiles. This is an amazing fact about Elon Musk that how he revolutionized this world.

15- He went through a Moksha moment, where he was all in.

when he sold pay pal and after that he had a total of 180 million dollars and he invests 100 million in space X, 70 million in Tesla Motors and rets of 10 million in solar and after that he went through Moksha moment, where he was all in.

I think it is possible for ordinary person to choose to be extra ordinary – Quote by Elon Musk

So these are some facts about Elon Musk related to his life, net worth, how he revolutionized this world and about his future ambitions.

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