Do You Know These Facts About Facebook?

By | March 18, 2020

Here we are going to know some unknown and interesting facts about the most popular site in the world “Facebook”. The site Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with his friend Eduardo Saverin. Today’s Facebook becomes the most popular social networking site in the world.

The site was launched on 4 February 2004 with the membership of Harvard College students later the site was offered to all college students, then high school students and then anyone over the age of 13. Also in 2009, Facebook becomes the number one site in the US and quickly grow along with the world wide. Now Facebook is a 435 billion dollar company and it acquired WhatsApp, Oculus and Instagram and fourth-most valuable brand behind Apple, Microsoft and Google.

1- Facebook’s “LIKE” button used to the “Awesome” button

The like button that Facebook which was commonly used in present time actually introduced in 2009. Originally Facebook user planned on implementing in the awesome button instead the engineers are excited about the idea but Zuckerberg didn’t share and drop the idea. They eventually settled in the like button but nobody on the team particularly through about it. Over 1.13 trillion likes have been pressed since the feature has been introduced.

2- Facebook beat out Twitter to buy Instagram for $1 billion

Jack Dorsey the investor in Instagram and the co-founder of Twitter tried to sold the Instagram to Twitter before Facebook or into the picture but ultimately fail to seal the deal. Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 for 1 Billion dollars and even Jack Dorsey was happy he couldn’t acquire the company. Jack Dorsey wants to get the benefit personally as a private investor in Instagram.

3- Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users

As of July 2017, Facebook has 2.01 billion monthly active users with an estimated 1.32 billion daily active users. Approximately 80% of internet users have a Facebook account that’s why Facebook is the fourth-most valuable brand behind Apple, Microsoft and Google.

4- Facebook stores over 300 Petabytes of user data on its servers

There are 1 million Gigabytes in a Petabyte and Facebook store over 300 Petabytes data on their servers to put that on the perspectives all of the written works in every language since the beginning of the coded time with occupied with about 50 Petabytes of data.

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5- Facebook costs approximately $25,000 for the every minute of downtime outage

It pretty wares for Facebook to experience any kind of outage but it’s very costly does every minute Facebook is not an operation the company loses about 25,000 dollars it’s the longest outage since it launched was a 2.5 hours outage in 2010 that half hours cost Facebook millions of dollars. In 19 minute of outage in 2014 also cost the company around 500,000 dollars.

6- Facebook users collectively watch 8 billion videos per day

According to 2016 numbers Facebook users collectively watch over 100 million hours of video per day on Facebook with over 500 million people watching at least 1 video per day there is a total of 8 billion views a day.

7- Facebook has been banned in multiple countries

Several countries have banned more restrictive Facebook use some for few days and some permanently the only countries that currently have permanently banned Facebook are North Korea, Iran and China. The site was also blocked in Egypt and Malaysia due to 2011 Egypt protest. In India for a month due to protest in 2017 and in Vietnam for two weeks in 2016 due to protest.

8- Peter Thel, Co-founder of PayPal, was Facebook first outside investor

In 2004 Peter Thel, the co-founder of PayPal saw the site potential and became the first outside investor with a 500 thousand dollars investment he was even a 10.2% of stake in a company which he sold for more than 1 billion dollars in 2012 and he still remains of board of director.

9- Also you can change your Facebook to pirate language

Facebook is used in most of the countries around the world. So of course they offer a long list of languages besides available in but one is very different from the rest along side UK English and US English is the option for pirate English if you change setting to pirate English you news feed becomes home board trending topics named popular booty.

10- On Facebook the most liked celebrity is Cristiano Ronaldo

For a quite while singer Sakira held the top most liked individual on the Facebook she was the first to pass the 100 million like marked and she currently has the 104 million likes. Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the most liked celebrity on the Facebook with well over 122 million likes.

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11- There are more than 600,000 hacking attempts made on Facebook daily

If you are login in Facebook you probably receive some suspicious request or have had either your profile or friends profile get hacked. Unfortunately this is not a rare occurrence. About 600,000 hacking attempt are made on Facebook each day 160 Facebook account compromises daily. Most breaches can be handled quickly with no damaged done to be holder but have been some high profile breaches as well even Mark Zuckerberg has been hacked multiple times.

12- Facebook spends tens of millions a month in hosting costs

In the beginning Facebook had the to put a 3000 dollars per month for hosting cost less than 4 years later that cost jumped drastically to 10 million dollars per month as the site increased exponentially in the short period of time. Now in 2017, with a higher numbers of user ever and 60,000 servers used in data centers. Facebook pays the 30 millions dollars per month just on hosting cost.

13- Companies like Viacom, Microsoft, Google and many more tried to buy Facebook

A number of companies have attempted to buy Facebook throughout the years and Google was first company back in 2004 who offered Mark to sold his Facebook later on 2005 Viacom in 2005 offered Facebook to buy on 75 million dollars that was turned down they came back two week later with a 1.5 billion dollars offer but again declined. Earlier in 2005, Zuckerberg asked the CEO of My Space is he would considered buying Facebook in 75 million dollars and he said no. In 2006, Yahoo made an offer for 1 billion dollars many of Facebook investors and executives wanted to sell but this was right before the new speed was launched and Zuckerberg thought it it would be successful the company would be worth more than one billion dollar.

14- Whatsapp co-founder Brian Acton was rejected for a job at Facebook

Brian Acton applied for a job the both in Twitter and Facebook back in 2009 and got rejected by both companies. The rejection let him to building a startup with his friend which they named Whatsapp around four years later Facebook interrupt buying Whatsapp for 19 billion dollars.

15- The company’s lowest paid employee is Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg salary in 2012 was 770,000 dollars but in 2013 he requested that he only paid 1 dollar per year as the CEO of Facebook and has been paid only 1 dollar since other wealthy company leaders take 1 dollar per salary include google co-founder Larry and Brin.

So these are some unknown and interesting facts about the Facebook the most valuable company and social media in the world. If you want to know about some unknown and interesting facts about Mark Zuckerberg and also about his biography CLICK HERE

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