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By | March 20, 2020

In this we going to share 15 facts you didn’t know about the amazing and awesome SPACE X company. SPACE X is a privately owned company that continues to impress by launching cargo vehicles to the international space stations and succeeding in doing so over and over again.

The company is founded by Elon Musk an amazing entrepreneur who has an eye for successful businesses. He built the company craft with the main purpose of affordable space vehicles and enabling mars colonization in the future one of the Elon’s long term plans. SPACE X becomes one of the most top company after launching Tesla Roaster into space and people associated with innovation and crazier long term goals.

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1- SPACE X had a humble beginning

SPACE X wasn’t always about heavy and powerful rocket launched in the space in fact in the beginning SPACE X started off in the satellite business. In 2002, Elon Musk was looking to higher staff for his brand new company and found Tom Mueller who is now SPACE X CTO propulsion within 4 years Musk had already invested 100 million dollars in the company and decided to gives space a go even if they started off working from the warehouse of California in 2008 SPACE X given to an investment of 20 million dollars for development from founders fund and in 2012, 2/3 of company owned by its founder.

2- NASA’s Astronauts will be taken to space by SPACE X rockets

NASA gave SPACE X contracts for building space systems that are reliable safe and cost-effective to carry astronauts to and from the ISS through a private-public approach. SPACE X plans to undergo significant testing to ensure all safe environments. The company has 6 crew members sent the ISS between 2019 and 2024 at the moment SPACE X is making serious progress to building ships carriers called Crew Dragon that is currently in various stages of production and testing. SPACE X will make the first unscrew demonstrating mission through in from the international space station at the end of 2018. The contract with a project of Space X along is with 2.6 billion dollars.

3- SPACE X works on making humanity a multi-planetary species

When he founded SPACE X Elon Musk had one goal establishing a human foothold on mars that were reducing the cost of launching material onto space. For the past 10 years SPACE X has work to improve the landing technology and to optimize booster in order to be 100% reusable the main goal of these improvements is to make trips to mars more affordable at 500,000 dollars ticket at the beginning instead of billions of dollars. The CEO of SPACE X think the secret lies in the refinement of reusable technology and he already announced his plans to built large space ship to reach mars and plans to land two uncrewed cargo’s to the planet by 2022.

4- SPACE X was the first company to launch in space a privately built spacecraft

In 2010, SPACE X became the first private company to launch the craft to the International Space station and return back to earth the test flight goes was to demonstrate that the private industry can easily do the job by the fraction of the cost. They want to take back the US axis to the ISS after NASA was retired its space shuttle and they really made history with the launch of there Dragon spacecraft in 2010. It was the first commercial spacecraft center to enter the international space station and it was built to carry cargo and 7 people up to space. SPACE X aims are to use the capsules awesome to carry astronauts to Mars in the future.

5- SPACE X is worth 24 billion dollars

Over the years SPACE X has been involved in many successful projects which makes it easy to overlook the facts the company is still in a startup mode. However due to their more success and their low-cost achievement the company is the net worth of 24 billion dollars it seems like everybody wants the little peace of SPACE X but this moment only Tech Giant and venture capital firms can invest in the company. There are many companies like Google and Alphabet X that have invested in Space X but this can go public because of the potential merger that SPACE X wants to avoid.

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6- In 2015, One of SPACE X’s rockets exploded

On June 28th, 2015 after 2 minutes and 19 seconds from launch Falcon 9 burst out of flames the mission of the rocket was to delivered cargo into the International Space Station but unfortunately it was exploded luckily no human was involved after 18 successful launches this was the first Falcon 9 that fail. Elon Musk said that the cause of the explosion was an oxygen tank and the whole failure cause the company 260 million dollars. There were 5000 pounds of supplies including food and science experiments inside the dragon cargo ship that was fixed to the cargo ship rocket. However the explosion didn’t destroy the dragon and the capsule continue to sent data back until it’s disappeared.

7- There is a rivalry going on between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg

It all began in 2016 when a 200 million dollar satellite owned by Mark Zuckerberg exploded one of prelaunch fire accident of one of Elon Musk’s rocket back then the CEO of Facebook respond with the message in which he stated that he was very disappointed with the SPACE X failure after only a year another subject pop out the usage of AI Elon Musk said that when he comes to technology as artificial intelligence people need to be more cautious humans can lose control of there artificial creation in response Mark Zuckerberg said that Musk spread to much unnecessary negativity now long after Mark deleted the both Tesla and SPACE X pages from Facebook.

8- The CEO of SPACE X admitted that creating a rocket company must be a dumb idea

Creating a startup is a big decision even if you worried about the profit or the services you offered is reliable every step you take like a walk on mine field. Imagine how it feel when your startup plans to make a rockets to space Elon Musk admitted on Twitter that creating a rocket company may be the dumbest way to make money but the billionaire CEO founded SPACE X thus he believes in the companies power to change the world for better and despite the risk he founded the solution for the things that are important into our life.

9- SPACE X has a university internship program

SPACE X gives fresh minds an opportunity to their part of their internship program which runs for 12 weeks every year. Their program is a big chance for those who want to play a direct wall in transforming the space exploration and realize the next revolution in a multi-planetary species. This internship doesn’t include difficult task such as distributing the correspondence in fact space X agree to intern directly into their future wall of all time engineers this selection process is very thorough as you can’t imagine but those who make it through surely have a story to share. The selected intern goes through a series of interviews and screenings. Sometimes they even need to complete quizzes, projects or tests and the successful candidates are given financial compensation and axis to training events.

10- US Air Force awarded Space X with a $291 million contract

SPACE X receive from the US Air force a 291 million dollar contract to launch a military GPA 3 satellite by 2020 with the possibility to launch two more afterward. One of the main reasons were winning this contract was SPACE X lower price of execution and proven reliability. The Air force wants Satellite equipets with significantly improve and capability or accuracy than previous once. Also the new satellite to built an order to increase military capabilities for war fighting operations.

11- In 2017 SPACE X beat the record with 18 completed launches

In December 2017, it completed its 18th launches beating its own previous record and making a record year for the private company. It only takes 8 years for SPACE X to dominate the market but now it is the most affordable and fastest space service between June 23 and July 5 the company launch 3 rockets. The president of Space X said that launch 3 rockets in 12 days not because they have all equipment but because their employees are very well trained and can get the job done these flights make over 500 million dollars for the company which is quite a lot of money.

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12- Space X built the most powerful rocket ever made

On 6 February 2018, On the same launchpad that used to host the Apollo astronauts and space shuttle crew the Falcon Heavy rocket was launched into space for the first time. The falcon heavy is the large cargo lifting rocket 70 meters tall and can lift almost 64 tons of load. Falcon 9 has a total of 27 engines that work together and capable of pulling more than 9 million pounds of force.

13- Elon Musk was ranked number 25 world most powerful people

Elon Musk was born on South Africa in 1971 when he was 12 years old he taught himself computer programming and by the age of 17 he moved to Canada went to Queen university. In 1995, he dropped his PHd apply physics only to pursue an entrepreneur carrier. He Co-founded ZIP2 which was sold in 342 million dollars back in 1999. In 2018, he was ranked 25 on the world most powerful people list for being the owner of Space X and Tesla and for his current fortune of 19.1 billion dollars. Also he was mentioned in a top 18th billionaire of the world.

14- Iron man 2 was filmed on Space X factory

The Space X factory in California besides being the place where the Space vehicles were built which was actually the location where Iron Man 2 was filmed and also some similarities between tony and Elon Musk in fact the director of Iron Man 2 said that Elon Musk inspired him.

15- Falcon Heavy cost at least $150 million to build

When it comes to building a rocket or any other equipment which is being launched into the orbit investments can easily get up of hand. However, Elon Musk said that the latest rocket Falcon Heavy has an estimated cost of only 150 million dollars even though this sounds like much money it is in fact, a very low cost compare to Delta 4 Heavy built by United Launch Lied which is reported to cost 400 million dollars per launch.

So these are some unknown and interesting facts related to the amazing Space X company. If you want to know about some unknown and interesting facts about Elon Musk and about his biography CLICK HERE.

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