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By | December 22, 2019

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Here we know about the co-founder of Tesla Inc, bio of Elon Musk because everybody want to know how Elon Musk started his carrier and many of people want to know who owns Tesla motors. So to know more about the co-founder of Tesla Inc and how Elon Musk started please continue reading this article. 

Lets start with the Bio of Elon Musk. Elon Musk was born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa. His mother’s name was Maye Musk. His mother was a model and Dietician and his father’s name was Errol Musk he was a South African electromechanical engineer, pilot and sailor. So this is about the bio of Elon Musk.

Where Elon Musk From ?

Many of the people want to know where Elon Musk from and is Elon Musk American? Basically Elon Musk was born in South Africa but after some time he left for Canada when he was 19 and then he became an American citizen in 2002. So the fun fact about his nationality is he had three nationalities.

In this we know about the co-founder of Tesla Inc Elon Musk and why he is also known as the world revolutionary person and about his startup story.


Elon Musk Childhood

Before we know success story of the co-founder of Tesla Inc Elon Musk. Lets know about Elon Musk Childhood and Elon Musk Childhood facts. The childhood of Elon Musk is very fearful and terrifying. He was tortured by everyone and bullied by his seniors and also by his friends.

During his childhood period due to his loneliness, Elon Musk made books as a friend. And later he was an avid reader the whole childhood of Elon was very quiet & bullied and that was a struggle period of Elon Musk childhood and nobody knows that this one day this guy become a world revolutionary person. 

Elon Musk’s parents were split in 1980 because of bitter relationships. And after that Elon had a choice to live either with his mom or with his dad. And later Elon chooses his father to live with them which was not a successful decision for Elon. He attended the English-speaking Waterkloof House Preparatory School, and later graduated from Pretoria Boys High School. The years were lonely and brutal, from his descriptions.

At the age of 10 Elon Musk developed an interest in computing and learned himself computer programming at the age of 12. He made his game known as a blaster. Elon Musk is interested in physics and also physics helps him to become a world revolutionary person. So this was about the Elon Musk Childhood and Elon Musk Childhood facts that he was bullied by his schoolmates and how the co-founder of Tesla Inc Elon Musk childhood period was full of loneliness.

Education of Elon Musk

Many of you want to know about what kind of education does elon musk have? So in this we know about the Education of Elon Musk. At the age of 17, in 1989, Elon Musk moved to Canada to attend Queen University but in 1992 he left his study and move to business and physics at the University of Pennsylvania. He also got the Art degree in Physics and bachelor of Science degree in economics. So now you know what kind of education does Elon Musk have or the co-founder of Tesla Inc have. Basically he left many of his degree to study business and physics.


Elon Musk’s wife’s name was Justine Wilson, an aspiring writer and he has five sons together before Divorcing in 2008.

Elon Musk Zip2 Story

Lets know about Elon Musk Zip2. In 1995 Elon Musk founded Zip2 in which he has developed software for futuristic generation and In march 1999, Musk co-founded named PayPal. Paypal was used for online money transactions and e-mail payment company. And in October 2002, Paypal was acquired by eBay for 1.5 billion in stock.

Elon Musk and Space X

Elon Musk and SpaceX. Many of you want to know how Elon Musk started SpaceX which was known for best spacecraft company nowadays so lets know how elon musk started SpaceX. Musk founded another company Exploration Technologies Corporation, of SpaceX, in 2002 with invent spacecraft for space travel. He also founded the Tesla motors for electric and Driverless cars for future generations and here Elon musk proves why he is known as a world revolutionary person.


Elon Musk always says to see the big dreams he does not believe in middle-class dreams and he believes in the gathering of knowledge instead of gathering too many degrees and this formula helps Musk to become a world revolutionary person.

The total worth of SpaceX is approximately 12 Billion dollars. He has his own orbital launch sites, at Cape Canaveral Vandenberg Airforce base and Kennedy Space Center, and announced 4th in Brownsville, Texas.

Elon Musk does not believe in any degree he always believes in skills he had a no degree of any rocket science but after that he is the CEO of SpaceX because of his learning skills. He always studies the books of rocket science and about space he is like an innovator and visionary person that why he is also known as world revolutionary person.

And in 2006 NASA gave a contract to SpaceX to develop the Falcon 9 launch vehicle and in 2008 SpaceX got the funding of 1.6 billion dollars from NASA and after this, after Space X has to suffer from a consecutive failure of his rocket because these kinds of project need too much of focuses and even of single mistake the whole project is gone a fail.

SpaceX always develops the reusable rockets the thrusters of these rockets are reusable by the Musk and this was the main reason the SpaceX is better than other rocket launching companies and why we called world revolutionary person to the chairman of SpaceX. So this was about the Elon Musk and SpaceX and how Elon Musk started SpaceX.

Elon Musk SpaceX Falcon

Now we know about Elon Musk Falcon Rocket. The projects of Falcon rocket family which was a kind of reusable or multi-use rocket launch vehicles this family includes Elon Musk SpaceX Falcon 9 and falcon 1 also.

In September 2008, falcon 1 made its first successful flight after suffering from many attempts at its initial stages or attempts.

And after that the series of the Falcons are ready to launch and Elon Musk must think about nature that’s why in an interview he says to ban or allow tax in carbon.

And after that in December 2013, he launched his Falcon 9 boosters which were a successful project for Spacex at that time in which he uses the geosynchronous transfer orbits.


And in February 2015, Falcon 9 was used by SpaceX which was fitted by Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) and after they studied the communication system of the earth.

And in March 2017, SpaceX successfully landed Falcon 9 rocket made from reusable parts and this technique opened the door for more affordable space travels in the world and after the world knows about this world revolutionary person.

In February 2018, space has enjoyed another great moment because Elon Musk’s falcon heavy rocket launches successfully.

These projects are the most remarkable feature because these projects are very cost-effective and can be reused. So this was about the Elon Musk SpaceX Falcon and how Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy rocket launches successfully.

Tesla Motors Elon Musk


Many of you want to know that who owns Tesla motors, when was Tesla motors founded and how did Elon Musk started Tesla motors. So let clear all these questions. Elon Musk is also the chairman of Tesla motors which made electric motors. Tesla motors was founded on 1 July 2003, in California United States. Basically Tesla Motors was started by Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard and because of 98% funding Elon Musk was elected for Chairman of Board and appointed his first CEO who was Eberhard.

Tesla launched totally fuel-saving cars in 2008, and net sold of these motors at that time is 2500 motors in 31 countries and in 2012, he also started to delivered Syden cars which were like a boost in this program for this Tesla motors he is also known as world revolutionary person. So this was about how did Elon Musk started Tesla motors. 

Elon Musk was also the chairman of Solar city company which was established in 2006 and this was one of the largest company which provides a solar system and solar panels and here the Musk proves his innovative mind and that’s the reason he also is known as world revolutionary person.

And Elon Musk also does work in further projects like Artificial intelligence and Hyperloobs for boosting the country’s development and human development.


And Elon Musk has two most ambitious projects the first one is Star Links in which he creates the best networking around the world with 12000 minisatellite or networking stations which provide free internet all over the world.

And the second one is to make civilization in the mars and colonize in the mars and they started work in this project also and these two projects also prove him world revolutionary person.

Elon Musk on AI and Hyperloops

And Elon Musk also works on the project of Hyperloops which was the upcoming fastest means of transports for the long distance.

Lets know about Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence. Elon Musk also works on the project of the artificial intelligence but he wants to do this artificial intelligence in very lesser amount because he knows that artificial intelligence is a kind of trap and according to Elon Musk this artificial intelligence may be the reason of 3rd world war and this was the reason why he is known as world revolutionary person because he knows what is right and wrong for this society and for this world. So that is the great thoughts of Elon Musk on AI.


The net worth of the Tesla motors is approximately $13.2 billion in march 2017 and it is more up than 7 billion dollars in 2016. And SpaceX has valued than 20 billion dollars in December 2017 and that’s why he is known as world revolutionary person.

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Elon Musk also started the Musk Foundation which provides solar energy to many parts of the world that have been struck by natural disasters.

His projects are based on totally futuristic like he wants colonization in mars and moon and want to build Hyperloops and driverless cars etc for the future that’s why he is also known as world revolutionary person.

Elon Musk Starlink

Let know about Starlink by Elon Musk. Elon also works in a Starlink project to provide free internet in every corner of the world and also in hyper loops which is a kind of underground tunnels for traveling one place to another place.

So this was all about the co-founder of Tesla Inc Elon Musk, who develops only for futuristic generation that’s why he is called the World Revolutionary Person.

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