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By | December 30, 2019

Many of you want to know “Who founded Alibaba?” Jack Ma is the co-founder and Chairman of Alibaba Groups and here we are going to know Who’s Jack Ma and about Jack Ma’s success story and how Jack Ma built Alibaba.

Jack Ma’s Net Worth

Many of you want to know Jack Ma’s net worth. The current net worth of Jack Ma is $44 Billion in 2020. A person who applied for many different jobs, but rejected from all also Jack applied for 10 times to Harvard University and was rejected every single time. And now Jack Ma is the richest person in China as well as in the world and the co-founder of Alibaba Group or Ali Express which was the top leading company of China as well as all over the world.

Jack Ma Childhood

Before we know Jack Ma’s education and how Jack Ma built Alibaba let’s know about Jack Ma childhood. The real name of Jack Ma was Ma Yun. Jack was born on 10 September 1964 in Hangzhou, China. From his childhood Jack Ma began studying English with the help of tourists. Jack Ma has a younger sister and an older brother. Jack didn’t have much money he belongs to a very poor family and Jack travel more than 17 miles on his bicycle to give tourist tours and to practice his English from the tourists. So this is all about Jack Ma childhood later who became the co-founder of Alibaba Group. 


Jack Ma Education

Let’s know about Jack Ma education. When Jack was only 13 years old he started learning the English language and at that time only some peoples learned the English language in China. They learned the English language from the help of tourists. Jack do this work for 9 years and after that Jack got excellence in the English language. Jack got the name from one of his tourist friends before that people called Jack from Ma Yun which was his Chinese name. Jack daily ride 18 miles by his bicycle to give tours to the tourists of the area to practice his English.

At childhood Jack was not interested in studies he was failed two times in 4th class, three times in 8th class and failed five times in his graduation. At that time the exam held once a year and Jack took four years to pass that college exam. So this is also a fun fact about Jack Ma education. After that he got admission to an institute which was not a good institute at that time. Jack Ma applied ten times for the Harvard Business school and got rejected each time but who knows later this guy became the co-founder of Alibaba group. So this was about Jack Ma education and how he struggled for his basic education.

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Jack Ma Struggle

Let’s know about Jack Ma struggle. He completed his graduation from English in 1988 and after that he applied thirty times for jobs and got rejected every time. And after that Jack applies for KFC job at that time KFC was newly started in china and 24 peoples applied for jobs in KFC including Jack also but only Jack got rejected in this job and the rest of 23 peoples are selected for the job in KFC.

And after this failure Jack got the job as an English lecturer in college because of his good English and work as a translator in collage. And after some time, Jack goes to America to meet with his friend and there Jack saw the internet the first time before that Jack never saw the internet.

And after that Jack started to run the internet he searched the word “Beer” and got information about the beer and after that Jack searched about China but he got no information about China on the internet. So this was about the Jack Ma struggle. Jack faced many of struggle in his life and only by his hard work he became the co-founder of Alibaba group.

China Yellow Page

Jack saw a good opportunity in the field of the internet and created his website which name was “China Yellow Page” with his friend in which he put the information about the small businesses in china but Jack got no funding for this website and this was another failure for the Jack and this idea of China Yellow Page is also got flopped.

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Chairman Alibaba Groups

And after this failure Jack created another website which was with his wife and 20 other people and here Jack Ma became the co-founder of Alibaba Group. At the starting time he got many losses on this website also. But after the funding of Soft Bank, this website is boosted on the internet.

And in 1999, Alibaba won a total venture capital investment of 25 million dollars and after the co-founder of Alibaba Group (Jack Ma) started a plan to improve the domestic market and e-commerce market of China for Chinese enterprises like small enterprises and medium-sized businesses.

Rise of Alibaba Groups

And after that in 2003, Jack Ma started to improve the world’s e-commerce system and he founded the TAOBAO marketplace, Ali mama and Ali pay. After some time these startups are rising in a market and Jack got the many offers from different companies like eBay also offered the Jack for Taobao but jack rejected these offers.

And in the next four years this website breakdown the most popular website of that time which was eBay and the revenue of goes up and up after this and in 2004 Jack Honoured as one of the “Top 10 economic personalities of the world”.

About Alibaba Group

Let’s know about Alibaba Groups. In 2014, Alibaba raises revenue over 25 billion dollars and after that Alibaba became the most valuable company as well as in the technology field also. The Alibaba groups are also holding companies of nine subsidiaries which are: ETao, Aliexpress, Alipay, Alibaba cloud computing, Tmall, 1688, Juhuasuan and as well. Current net worth of Alibaba Group is $480 Billion. So this is about Alibaba Group that how Jack Ma expand his Alibaba Group all over the world.


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Jack Ma Awards and Achievement

Let’s know about Jack Ma awards and achievement. Barron’s featured him one of the 30 World’s Best CEO’s in 2008 and he got honored with Asian Award as an entrepreneur of the year in 2015.

Jack Ma also ranked the world’s 50 greatest leaders list in 2017 by fortune.

Jack Ma also has an honorary degree in social sciences by the University of Hong Kong in 2018 because of his contribution to society and the technological field.

Jack Ma is also a member of the communist party of China in November 2018, by the people daily in China. So this is about Jack Ma awards and achievement there are many more awards received by Jack in his career.

Jack Ma Personal Life

Let’s know about Jack Ma personal life. Many of you want to know “is Jack Ma married or not” Yes, Jack Ma is married. Jack Ma married to Zhang Ying. First time Jack met with Zhang when he was studying at Hangzhou Normal University. They both have 3 children together. Jack’s father’s name was Ma Laifa and his mother’s name was Cui Wencai & they both were traditional musicians. His son’s name is Ma Yuankun. Jack has Victoria pick Bungalow in Hong Kong, China which worth is $193 million. Jack has a Mayback 62S car whose price is 3.2 Crore and a private jet 550 of 61.5 million. So this is about Jack Ma personal life.


Quotes by Jack Ma

Never give up. Today is hard tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.

I Don’t want to be liked. I want to be respected.

So this is about the success story of Jack Ma the chairman and co-founder of Alibaba Group and how Jack Ma built Alibaba Group.

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