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How Jeff Bezos Strongly Built Amazon

In this, we are going to discuss about the world’s largest retail store “Amazon” and how is built. And we are looking at how Jeff Bezos Strongly built the world’s largest retail store “Amazon”. In this, we discussed about the strategies of Jeff Bezos, the struggle he had and the story of this largest retail… Read More »

Top 15 Real Estate books of all time

In this, we are going to share the top 15 Real Estate investing books of all time. Real Estate is to find property consisting of the land along with any resource found in the ground and buildings. It is a very high liquid industry which makes the many people rich also if you think about… Read More »

Top 15 books on Investing

As earlier we had discussed about the best business books for beginners and here we discussed about the top 15 books on “Investing”. Investing means committing money, time and other resources for your financial plan, like shares, property and commercial ventures with a plan of expected profit in the future. If you are plan to… Read More »

Top 15 business books for beginners

In this we are going to share 15 best books that will help you if you are starting an entrepreneur and you will get guidance as much as possible. Being in a business and especially successful one is not easy you have to constantly solve problems about money, staff, operations and many other things depend… Read More »

5 Business ideas to grow your business

As well all know in the present market there is lots of competition between the businessman and entrepreneurs. And everyone wants to capture more and more market share for their products and brands. Lots of people are struggling in the market to develop or grow there startups and businesses. If you’re one of them? So… Read More »

Best business lessons from Jeff Bezos

As we already discussed the world’s richest person of 2019 according to Forbes Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon the largest online product selling website. Jeff Bezos is an American investor and entrepreneur and his current net worth is 12,110 crore USD and he is the richest man in the world. As we all know… Read More »

Best business lessons from Elon Musk

As earlier we already had discussed Elon Musk the world revolutionary person by his realistic & unbelievable ideas and innovations he changed the living style of peoples and here we going to discuss the top 15 lessons from Elon Musk which every entrepreneur should apply in his business. Elon Musk is the founder and CEO… Read More »

How to create monopoly in business ?

In this we know about how to create a monopoly in your business means how to create a barrier in your business and also for a small business even what are the examples of monopoly on how to create a monopoly in saturated business. 1- Intellectual property protection Intellectual property protection means you have to… Read More »

How and why Nokia failed ?

How and why Nokia is failed and what are the causes of the downfall of Nokia and the biggest mistakes done by Nokia. In this we know about the whole summary of Nokia failure. Earlier days of Nokia Nokia has established in 1865 in Finland this multinational company involved in various businesses like communication, Information… Read More »