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Unknown facts about Michael Bloomberg

1- He was supposed to take the Mayor office on September 11 2- He has a BA from John Hopkins and an MBA from Harvard. 3- While being Mayor of New York he used the subway to go for work. 4- His net worth is approx 55,500,000,000 US dollars according to Forbes 2019. 5- Michael… Read More »

Unknown facts about Larry Ellison

1- He hired a private investigator to search through a Rival’s trash 2- The Oracle database is available in 63 languages 3- Despite being raised Jewish, He refused to have a Bar Mitzvah 4- His financial Advisor has reportedly had to scold him for overspending 5- He is a fan of extreme sports and has… Read More »

Unknown facts about Amancio Ortega

1- He left the school at the age of 14 and went to work for a shirt maker 2- He didn’t start his 1st business until he was 37. 3- His first Zara store was called Zorba, but he had to change the name. 4- He has a uniform that he wears every single day.… Read More »

Unknown Facts about Carlos Slim Helu

1- He doesn’t use a computer 2- He met his wife when he was 24 and she was 16 3- He has held the title of richest person in the world 4- His mother offered him to buy a house when he got married, but he declined 5- He owns one of the most valuable… Read More »

Unknown facts about Bernard Arnault

1- He is an avid art collector 2- Kat Von D and Fenty beauty are owned by LVMH 3- The group also owns 3 newspaper and 1 magazine 4- His life examples were Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs 5- He is the richest person in the fashion industry, net worth: 76,000,000,000 US dollars 6- He… Read More »

Facts you don’t know about Larry Page

1- The current net worth of Larry Page is approx 50,800,000,000 US dollars 2- Some people says that he created a google alone 3- He got the Jeff Bezos to be one of the 1st investors in google. 4- Larry is the CEO of Alphabet 5- He graduated from Stanford, the university from where all… Read More »

Unknown facts about Mark Zuckerberg

1- He turned down Yahoo’s 1 billion dollars offer to buy Facebook 2- He and his wife met in a bathroom line 3- By Facebook he makes around 9 billion dollars a year 4- Mark is Colorblind 5- Mark try to become a vegetarian 6- Mark found the social network movie hurtful 7- He drives… Read More »

Unknown Facts about Steve Jobs

1- Steve Jobs never wrote a Single line of programming code. 2- iPod by Steve Jobs 3- Jobs is very time punctual 4- He believes in Fruitarianism. 5- Jobs is very attentive 6- Jobs got angry why he considered as No.2 in his own company. 7- Battle between Jobs and Wozniak. 8- Jobs refused for… Read More »