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Businesses that are Booming due to Coronavirus

1- Mask and Medical Supplies 2- Cleaning services 3- Drones 4- Grocery store liquor 5- Drive-in movie theatres 6- Shopping delivery services 7- Board Games and Puzzle makers 8- Fitness equipment companies 9- Video conferencing and document handling 10- Online gaming and “Personal adult entertainment” 11- Toilet paper, Soap sales, and Hand Sanitizer 12- Remote… Read More »

Businesses Affected by coronavirus

1- Malls and High streets 2- Restaurants and Bars 3- Music Festivals 4- Sporting events 5- Beauty service industry 6- GYM and fitness industry 7- Wedding and funeral industry 8- Cinema’s, theatres, museums, and art galleries 9- Airlines and travel agencies are in a nosedive 10- It’s a bad time to be in the cruise… Read More »

15 Unknown Facts About Virgin Groups

1- Virgin almost had a different name 2- Branson entered his first business venture at 11 year old 3- Virgin records first Album was used in the sound track of the exorcist 4- The Sex Pistols originally declined to work with virgin 5- 40 Guinness world records were set at the 2017 Virgin money London… Read More »