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Businesses that are Booming due to Coronavirus

1- Mask and Medical Supplies 2- Cleaning services 3- Drones Also Read : 15 Businesses affected by Coronavirus 4- Grocery store liquor 5- Drive-in movie theatres 6- Shopping delivery services 7- Board Games and Puzzle makers 8- Fitness equipment companies 9- Video conferencing and document handling 10- Online gaming and “Personal adult entertainment” 11- Toilet… Read More »

Businesses Affected by coronavirus

1- Malls and High streets 2- Restaurants and Bars 3- Music Festivals 4- Sporting events 5- Beauty service industry 6- GYM and fitness industry 7- Wedding and funeral industry 8- Cinema’s, theatres, museums, and art galleries 9- Airlines and travel agencies are in a nosedive 10- It’s a bad time to be in the cruise… Read More »

15 Unknown Facts About Virgin Groups

In this we are going to know some unknown and interesting facts about one of the most successful venture capital glamour in the world “Virgin Group”. In 1970, the Virgin Brand was born when Richard Branson and his business partner established a records shop on London Oxford Street. In 1973, the business expands into the… Read More »

How billionaires donating for COVID 19

As we all know how Coronavirus has reached every corner of the world and how Coronavirus effects the world’s economy. Coronavirus effects the most developed countries of the world as well as the reason behind the death of 14,925 peoples and 345,338 cases have been seen by this Coronavirus. And in this, we are going… Read More »

Did you know these Facts About SPACE X ?

In this we going to share 15 facts you didn’t know about the amazing and awesome SPACE X company. SPACE X is a privately owned company that continues to impress by launching cargo vehicles to the international space stations and succeeding in doing so over and over again. The company is founded by Elon Musk… Read More »

10 Richest Car Companies in the World

In this, we know about automobiles and know the top 10 richest car companies in the world. As we all know the first car built in 1885 by German mechanic Karl Benz but that not might be entirely true transportation vehicle has been dated between 15th century by engineer Leonardo Da Vinchi from the 15th… Read More »

Top 10 Tech Companies in the World

Hello Friends, As we all know that tech is a sum of innovation, profitability, skills and methods. In this we are looking at the companies that are looking to leverage the technology they offered to become some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Also we know that Silicon Valley is Hub of the… Read More »

Do You Know These Facts About Facebook?

Here we are going to know some unknown and interesting facts about the most popular site in the world “Facebook”. The site Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with his friend Eduardo Saverin. Today’s Facebook becomes the most popular social networking site in the world. The site was launched on 4 February 2004 with… Read More »

15 Unknown Facts About Microsoft

Being the first software company in the world Microsoft made computer hardware and managed to become one of the most revolutionized inventions in history and cleared the way to other software innovations. Collaborating with Apple for a short period of time Microsoft managed to develop his own competitive brand and hold one of the most… Read More »