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Amancio Ortega founder of Inditex

Childhood life of Amancio Ortega Working on a cloth shop Also Read : Interesting Facts about Amancio Ortega Confecciones Goa Inditex and Zara Success of Inditex Personal Life Lifestyle of Ortega Net worth & donations

Carlos Slim – Mexican business tycoon

In this we know about the Fifth richest billionaire of the world Carlos Slim Helu. Carlos Slim is a famous Mexican entrepreneur and in this we know about his life, education, success, net worth, the foundation also about his family and wife. Carlos Slim the Mexican business tycoon, philanthropist, billionaire, and investor. His was full… Read More »

Steve Jobs – Co founder of Apple

Lets begin from the early life of Steve Jobs Also Read : Unknown facts about Steve Jobs College life of Steve jobs Steve traveled to India Met with Wozniak Story of Apple Struggle period of Steve Jobs NEXT Inc Back to the Apple Personal Life Death of Steve Jobs