Businesses Affected by coronavirus

Many of you want to know that Is businesses affected by coronavirus? We are living in a crazy time and very few are predicted this current situation which is started on the new decade January 1st most of our most world sits in complete isolation and markets are falling. In this, we are going to discuss how businesses affected by coronavirus

1- Malls and High streets


As infection rise more and more countries are opposing complete social distinction rules including limits on going to public places and shops for non-essential high street and malls are empty in out turning into goes downs no matter how impressive sales in clothing shops.

Many shops have decided to switch off the lights and send their staff to home and protect their employees and shoppers. Like Amazon is snapping up the trend retail staff Jeff Bezos recently announced that he is on a hunt for 100,000 new team members. So there are many Mall & Street businesses affected by coronavirus.

2- Restaurants and Bars


The Social distinction is the key to containing the virus so many governments had forced to shut down restaurants and bars where people did not take group gathering the governor of New York City declared the total shut down of all non-essential services and everyone to stay home.

All the remains open on the state is a grocery store, pharmacies, doctors, laundromats, gas stations, and limited transportation. Means all bars and restaurants are closed immediately except food delivery services there is no way for these establishments to make an income most of closed but some keep serving clients by delivering. So there are many Restaurants and bars businesses affected by coronavirus  

3- Music Festivals

From South West to Coachella or Afrikaburn to Glastonbury music festivals are called off for future these events are mostly the reason behind the spreading of viruses and now with a virus-like COVID 19 spreading no one is taking chances and this has a huge not effect for everyone involved for a music artist to booking agents, backstage to rigging crews, accommodation, travel, ticketing, and food vendors will all taking a big hit in their annual income. So there are many music festival businesses affected by coronavirus.

4- Sporting events


On March 11th the NBA suspended its season when “Jazz” tested positive. It seemed like a dramatic move but on March 16th the NBA posted a total of 14 positive cases of COVID 19 infection involving staff and players.

Much like with music festivals sporting events are a multi-trillion industry globally and industry who’s future now look danger from Ironman triathlons, marathons, school sports tours, and premier league there is not a fixture still standing even the Tokyo Olympic set to began on July 24th is hanging in the balance the financial loses to these industries are exponential and their supporting industries like travel and hospitality are hurting too. So there are many sports businesses affected by coronavirus.

5- Beauty service industry

In a world where touching your own face is no goes on there is not much attraction to had as along face time with a stranger who is interacting with other people all day.

Sure there is a high level of hygiene in the industry but that doesn’t make it wise to move the head out for facial if you critically need one and because none of us really going out to see others. Having your hair and nails stunts suddenly such essential and most people are saving the money for now. So there are lots of beauty service businesses affected by coronavirus.

6- GYM and fitness industry


If you have not already about risk contamination involve in a hot and sweaty body fluid-filled workout session of gyms. Now its time to get thinking many GYM’s sporting facilities shut down until the government relaxes their instruction on public gatherings.

The big GYM’s have such iron glad contractions are going to be more affected its the smaller fitness club and personal trainers that are feeling the people socially distinguish themselves and stick to isolation. So there are many Gym & fitness businesses affected by coronavirus

7- Wedding and funeral industry

The group events are strictly forbidden and weddings have been postponed left, right and the center also funerals are suspended.

In South Africa, even before the while lockdown on March 26, the gathering of more than 100 people was strictly forbidden to cure corona spread.

In the USA on March 16, Trump’s administration recommended “Avoiding gathering in groups of more than 10 people”.

In Australia funerals are suspended, as they are considered non-essential gathering but in the case, they do continue should only be in small groups with 2 meters between each person.

This restriction put a huge effect on the wedding and funeral industry and we can’t think about more risky gathering than a group of friends and family flying in from all over the world all mixing with children and their aunts and uncles grand into a stuffing venue for an hour.

So all the wedding and funeral events are postponed because of gathering peoples and spreading of Coronavirus. So there are many wedding industries businesses affected by coronavirus. 

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8- Cinema’s, theatres, museums, and art galleries

Social distancing means keeping out of public places but it also spells disaster for businesses that reliable members of the public to buy tickets.

The loss of income can be crushing these industries as many of the exhibit’s artists or movie titles were booked in paid for over a year to secure them. Then the income doesn’t come in or the season moves along these do not cost that came to be recused it’s a flow for the international art and culture scene handle be a big blow for all associative businesses. So there are lots of Cinema’s, theatres, museums businesses affected by coronavirus.

9- Airlines and travel agencies are in a nosedive


Airlines are scrambling to stay afloat as more and more travel ban imposed to stop the spreading the virus travel agents and hospitality staff is trying to plug the holes as they homage for the loss of sales and massive refund they having to issue.

Online travel sites are experiencing 50% of dropping business globally and CEO of these agencies are for bracing of further drops they move their sales team into customer support to help field the massive of incoming calls and emails of concerned customers.

The only business strategy at this stage for the travel industry is to resolve cancellation cases quickly and retain high customer satisfaction so that when travel re-opens again at least they still have a few clients which come back to them. So there are many Airlines and Travel agencies businesses affected by coronavirus. 

10- It’s a bad time to be in the cruise liner industry

COVID has prevented cruise liner from physically docking into ports because the spread of Coronavirus in ships has so rapidly.

It started with diamond cruise Japan being refuse it’s 37,00 passengers to dock and all passengers are in quarantine that the Japanese port on February 4th after 700 passengers tested positive and 8 people died from COVID 19 in this case.

Then the Grand princess cruise had 21 people tested positive and all passengers are in quarantine on US soil. Passengers have been demanding for refund and compensation. So there are many cruise businesses affected by coronavirus

11- Big factories and industry are a hotbed of human interaction

Factory and floors can be the perfect place for the rapid spread of the disease like the Coronavirus one person could easily infect everyone in the production line and then interact with further people in the canteen, locker room and on public transport.

One of the reasons the spreading was so fast the china is basically the factory of the world. Because of traveling and lockdown many factories have been forced to shut and when the break the supply chain other in the way lying on their products close down too.

It is the health interest all involve that’s undeniable but its also no denying the fact that no work no pay will have quartine for temporary staff. The loss of income for factory owners during the shut down will be huge. So there are many big production factories businesses affected by coronavirus

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12- The Dutch cut flower industry is risking complete collapse

The largest flower auction in the world 20% of its flowers which are presented for sale has been dispose. Flowers from all over the world sold daily at auction at this giant market the warehouse takes place in is the fourth largest building in the world by footprint.

Prices took 50% dive in the march causing a market to enter panic mode and royal flora was coded a sane without emergency credit from the government and banks, many companies will go bust in a matter of weeks. So there are many flower industry businesses affected by coronavirus

13- The hotel industry has been forced to shut up shop for now


Many hotels in which the international travelers stay have been the main cause of spreading this coronavirus. Sales conferences or markets hosted by hotels allow to virus spread rapidly.

In Boston a conference hosted by Biotech company in February and the infected person was their rapid spread and after 2 days dozens of corona infect to delegates left the hostel and continue to spread the virus.

On March 11th the hotel staff members tested positive and took the immediate decision to shut down and this just one example but similar infections globally have led to widespread shut down of properties by leading hotels. It’s estimated that the US hotel industry alone is loosing the 1.4 million dollars revenue in every week its not operation. So there are many hotel businesses affected by coronavirus

14- School related services are often small businesses, dependent on fees

There are many small businesses that support the school and child care industry from school meals to transportation, dance lessons to sporting coaches and generally these no work no pays services. During this time of uncertainty many of the small businesses waiting to see when lockdowns and social distancing will be lifted and to allow them to operate once again. So there are many school related businesses affected by coronavirus.

15- Sightseeing tours and guiding industry

If you look at the pictures of most popular tourist attractions right now, they are pretty empty that doesn’t just mean tourist is staying home which means the whole industry of tourist agents, ticket vendors and food vendors are also without work. This supports a waist number of small businesses with little to no safety to tight the over when travel bans are lifted. The world just sits and waits to see how things are come out. So there are many tourism businesses affected by coronavirus

So guys in this uncertain period stay home and stay safe. And these are the businesses affected by coronavirus and if you want to know about how the billionaires of world donating to fight against coronavirus please CLICK HERE.

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