Bill Gates Success Story

By | December 21, 2019

If you are born as a poor that is not your fault. But if you died poor that is your fault only.

– William Henry Gates

What’s Bill Gates net worth ?

Let’s know about Bill Gates success story but as we all know firstly everyone wants to know “What’s Bill Gates net worth?” so the per-day income of Bill Gates is approximately 102 crore and Bill Gates net worth in 2019 was approx 96,500,000,000 US dollars.

The real name of Bill Gates is William Henry Gates. Bill Gates was born on 28 October,1955 in Washington. William H Gates was the father of Bill Gates who was a popular Advocate of that time and his mother’s name was Mary Maxwell Gates.


Childhood of Bill Gates

Before Bill Gates Success Story let’s know about Childhood of Bill Gates. The parents of Bill Gates want to see his child as a successful Advocate at that time. But from childhood, Bill Gates was interested in computers and programming languages and this interest becomes the secret of his success in his life and he spent his most of time studying books and encyclopedia in the school library.

Bill Gates passed his school from Lakeside School. Bill Gates got his first computer from his school and after that, he is more interested to know about computers.

At that time Seattle company of the United States provide computers in Lakeside school to learn students about computer knowledge and that was a good chance for Bill Gates to know the more knowledge about the computer and programming languages. So there was a great childhood of Bill Gates.

Bill gates first computer program

Let’s know how computer program plays most important role in Bill Gates success story. Bill Gates first computer program was Tic Tac Toe. At the age of 13 Bill Gates make command in the basic computer languages and he made a Tic Tac Toe program which was a type of a game.

So from here Bill Gates success story was started and he also proved that age doesn’t matter to do anything big in life. The specialty of that game was anybody can play this game with a computer. So the “Tic Tac Toe” Bill Gates first computer program was amazing. Let know how these small program moves toward the Bill Gates success story.


At school time he got a friend whose name was Paul Allen. Paul was two years senior by Bill Gates but by the same interest in a computer field, they both become good friends. They both were spent there most of the time in a computer lab.

After some time they both got permission for labs to find the error in programming languages and at that time Bill Gates made a software program which was used as a school time table.

Only after 2 year ago of Bill Gates first computer program. In 1970, when Bill was only 15 years old he made another computer program which was Traf-O-Data with Paul in a partnership that was used to check city traffic and they both were got 20,000 dollars for this program. This was the first income of Bill and Paul. And here he proves his second secret of success that always make a problem-solving product which always satisfy your customers. 

Education of Bill Gates

Everyone know how education is important in our life and education plays important role in Bill Gates success story. Let know about Education of Bill Gates. In 1972 Bill started to think about his own startup with Paul but his parents denied this and told him to complete his high school first and to join college because his parents are very highly educated and want to see Bill as a lawyer.

And in 1973 Bill completed his high school and passed with 1590/1600 marks in the exams and give proof of his excellent mind and after this Bill parents got really impressed by Bill.

After that he started his college at Harvard University because of his parents he started the studies in law but after some time, he spends his most of his time at Harvard computer center because of his interest in the computer and programming language. So this was the Education of Bill Gates and how the education plays important role in Bill Gates success story.

The Altair 8800

From here Bill Gates success story began .Let know about Altair 8800 program, Altair 8800 History and how this Altair 8800 program plays an important role in Bill Gates success story.

In December 1974, Allen Paul got a magazine which was Popular Electronics and he sees the world mini-computer name which was Altair 8800 computer in the cover page of the magazine and after getting this news Paul and Bill were really impressed because they both knew after this the people use this computer for their works.


Let know the Altair 8800 History this computer Altair 8800 was introduced by the Mexican company which was Ed Roberts company of New Mexico. The chairman of this company is Henry Edward Roberts and they searched for that software which helps to run this computer and this was a golden chance for Bill and Allen. And this golden chance plays the important role in Bill Gates success story.

And after that Bill and Allen contact this company and declared that they both were working in basic software programs which helped to run this Altair 8800 computer and after 2 months they both made Altair 8800 program and this program become the most important part of Bill Gates success story.

And in 1975, Allen goes to test this software and when this software is installed in Altair 8800 the computer program is running and this was a golden time for both Allen and Bill and after that this was a turning point for the computer and software industry and this was a time where Bill proves his another secret of his success that is waiting for a golden chance in life. So this was about the Altair 8800 and how Bill and Paul get the Golden chance.

Starting of Microsoft (Microsoft by Bill Gates)

In this we know about the world best computer software company Microsoft and how Microsoft plays an important role in Bill Gates success story.

Let know about the Starting of Microsoft. On 26 November 1976, Bill and Paul established the company which was Microsoft and at the starting of Microsoft they started work with Ed Robert company in partnership and after this the computer industry is growing rapidly but at the starting time Bill and Paul faced the lots of challenges in this partnership.

But after starting of Microsoft they faced lots of problems because when they made software the people can share this software easily. And in 1976, Bill said to share software from one person to another person is like to crash software before its making.


And after that Bill finds the error from the software which was created by his employees and this gives leads to other hardware companies like Apple, Intel and IBM and after this Microsoft created new software with new languages and sold this to other computer companies and this new software plays the most important role in Bill Gates success story.

Bill Gates Success Story

In 1978, end the sale of this software is nearby 1 million and after this Microsoft company got developed and the company is starting with 13 employees now of 128 employees in 1978. So the Microsoft plays an important role in Bill Gates success story.

In 1980, the Microsoft gets the offer from the IBM which was the largest computer making company at that time and this was the turning point or golden offer for the Microsoft company and after that Bill and Paul created new software for the IBM which was MS-DOS and IBM think to buy this software for 50,000 dollars from Microsoft but Bill Gates rejected this offer. And from here the Microsoft plays the most important role in Bill Gates success story.  

Because Bill gates want to sell each of his software to IBM and get the share of his every share for his software MS-DOS and after that IBM has to pay a license fee to Microsoft to sold his computer in a market and after this, there are many new computer companies are launched in the market which sold computer at less price as compare to IBM.

And in 1981, Bill Gates become the president of Microsoft company and Paul becomes the Executive vise president of the Microsoft company. So this was about the starting of Microsoft.

Rise of Microsoft

In this we know about the Rise of Microsoft and how rising of Microsoft plays an important role in Bill Gates success story.

Let know about the Rise of Microsoft. In 1984, the turnover of the Microsoft company is 16 million dollars from 4 million dollars and 30% of the computers in the world use the software of Microsoft and in 1983 Paul was suffered from cancer so after that he has to left the company due to his cancer.

And in 1985, Bill Gates was the only president of the Microsoft company and in 1985 the turnover of the Microsoft company was approx 140 million dollars.


After the continuously rise of Microsoft. In 1986, Bill Gates launched the Microsoft Window in the market this was an operating system for the computers by which the computers can easily operate from the mouse and he became the billionaire at the age of 31 years.

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Became the Richest person in world

And in 1987, Bill Gates became the youngest richest person in the world but in 1987 Microsoft has to survived the crises because IBM company replaced the MS-DOS software from his own software OS/2 and after that Bill started to update his Microsoft software.

And in May 1990, Bill launched the new window which was Microsoft window 3.0 and make the price of the product cheap in the market and this was a loss-making strategy by the Bill Gates and by this technique, the software of IBM is failed in a market and here Bill Gates proves another secret of success of his life that is updated is necessary for life.

Bill Gates Struggle

In this we know about how the Struggle plays and important role in Bill Gates success story. Let know about the Bill Gates struggle story. In 1993, Bill Gates has to survive with some legal crises because of his charges in every computer and in 1994, Microsoft has accepted all the charges.

And in 1994, Bill marries with the employee of his company which name was Melinda French and on same year Bill mother got expired due to breast cancer. So this was the Bill Gates struggle period and after that condition, he proves another secret of success which is there is lots of problem in life but you always have to tackle those problems and move towards the success. So this was about the Bill Gates struggle period and how he moved from that struggle period.

And in 1995, it is very good for Bill Gates because, in 1995, Microsoft launched Windows 95 and at that time Bill Gates’s net worth was 50 billion dollars.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

In 2014, Bill Gates retired from the chairman of Microsoft and make Satya Nadella as a new Chief executive officer of the Microsoft


And nowadays Bill Gates ran the foundation which was Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was founded by Bill and Melinda Gates this foundation is an American private foundation which is working for healthcare, education and ending poverty not only for America but for the other countries which are suffering from poverty.

There are three trustees of this foundation: Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet (Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway) also know as Magician of Stock Market. The Headquarters of this foundation is in Seattle, Washington, US.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donations are all over the world. They donated for Infectious disease control from 2009 to 2015 also for basic health, sanitation and nutrition in 2015 which is around 416.7 million dollars and many more donations for health and education. So this was Bill Gates Success Story and his struggle in life.

He says that the mistakes are happened by anyone. But the person who changes his mistake and never repeat them again he got success in his life and this was a secret of the success of his life.

William Henry Gates

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