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My name is Manish Singh Egral. My Hobby is writing Blog and learning new thing and reading books on Entrepreneur. My dream is to do my own Startup.

15 Unknown Facts About Virgin Groups

1- Virgin almost had a different name 2- Branson entered his first business venture at 11 year old 3- Virgin records first Album was used in the sound track of the exorcist 4- The Sex Pistols originally declined to work with virgin 5- 40 Guinness world records were set at the 2017 Virgin money London… Read More »

Did you know these Facts About SPACE X ?

1- SPACE X had a humble beginning 2- NASA’s Astronauts will be taken to space by SPACE X rockets 3- SPACE X works on making humanity a multi-planetary species 4- SPACE X was the first company to launch in space a privately built spacecraft 5- SPACE X is worth 24 billion dollars 6- In 2015,… Read More »