Unknown facts about Virgin Groups

15 Unknown Facts About Virgin Groups

In this we are going to know some unknown and interesting facts about one of the most successful venture capital glamour in the world “Virgin Group”. In 1970, the Virgin Brand was born when Richard Branson and his business partner established a records shop on London Oxford Street. In 1973, the business expands into the record label which really took of and Branson signed the British punk group “The Sex Pistols”.

The success of the record label let it the creation of Virgin Atlantic airline and the virgin group Richard Branson is now owning incredibly successful billionaire that is overseen approximately 500 companies that have all operated under the virgin name and about 400 are which of still in an operation today these companies collectively earn over 26 billion dollars in 2016 some of the most recognized branches of the Virgin Group include Virgin mobile, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin hotels. The company continues to expand wider ideas of direction including transportation, technology, entertainment, racing and sports, Space travel and many more. We inspired by the Virgin group’s incredible success, ability to doubts, willingness to take risks and forward-thinking nature.

1- Virgin almost had a different name

When Richard Branson and his business partner were trying to come up with a name for there music company they decided the name “Slip Disk Records” but they had the forcibly time to recognize the name wouldn’t fit them well with the other industry hoping to expand in the future. For example Slip Disk Airlines doesn’t have a great rang to it. So instead they decided since they are virgins in all businesses that their company should be called Virgin as well.

2- Branson entered his first business venture at 11 year old

When Richard Branson was young his family didn’t have much money which his mother said a very good thing because she gave Richard an entrepreneur spirit. His 1st business venture when he was 11 years old he planted 1000 seeds hoping to grow Christmas trees he could sell unfortunately rabbit ate the seeds. His first successful business venture was a magazine which he started when he was a 15-year old called Student. He sold 50000 copies in his first issue.

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3- Virgin records first Album was used in the sound track of the exorcist

When Branson was 23 years old he wanted to start recording business. He convinced his family and friends to give him startup capital for the endeavor and signed an unknown artist named “Mike”. Together they launch the first album of a virgin in 1973 with a very unique record called Tubilor Voice. The record became one of the best selling albums of the decade and it was chosen to be the track of the blockbuster film “The Accessories” in 1973. The track that was used has become the sound most associative with the film the album has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide.

4- The Sex Pistols originally declined to work with virgin

By the end of 1970, Branson was looking to shape up the image of Virgin and he set his sight on the crewed, relevant, hard worker British punk the Sex Pistols. They originally declined his offer that was booted of their level early after banned member and was repeatedly doing a broadcasting interview in London. Virgin was one of the only labels willing to sign the controversial group and the move paid off big time.

5- 40 Guinness world records were set at the 2017 Virgin money London Marathon

Virgin money holds a London marathon every year and 2018 is the 11th year that the Guinness world record has partnered with the Virgin money to certified the race participants who successfully achieve world record because of this opportunity dozens of racers every year set the record. In 2017, 40 new Guinness world record titles were achieved with an attempt by 73 banners the unique record achieved in 2017 include the fastest marathon in helicopter costume, fastest marathon were wearing boots, fastest marathon in 5% costume and fastest marathon carrying a household appliance.

6- Virgin Vodka was one of Virgin’s many failures

Richard Branson is not afraid to take a risk so it was not too surprising that some of his ventures fail very badly. Virgin Vodka was introduced as a part of the Virgin drinks that was launched back in 1994. It failed along with other Virgin drinks like the virgin energy shot, virgin wines and Virgin juice. The entire virgin drinks line folded in 2007 the one virgin drink lined that take-off was Virgin Wines which is spectated to make 70 million dollars a year by 2018.

7- Branson Drove a tank through times square in a publicity stunt

Another one a Virgin failure was a virgin cola but it was quite successful before was eventually driven out of business by Coca-Cola. In 1998, after Virgin started outselling Pepsi and Coca-Cola in Britain Branson wanted to come up with a bold publicity stunt to introduced the Cola in the US market. The Virgin team decided Branson would drive a tank two times in the New York city however three tons of the Cola cans pretending to fire a gun the Coca-Cola signed which was wired with explosive to make it appear as it was exploding.

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8- Richard Branson wore a wedding dress to launch virgin bridges

Another venture of the virgin group was virgin bridges which launched in England in 1996. When the first wedding dress store opened Branson saved his beard and put on wedding dress and the picture of Branson in the dress was used as publicity. The last of the virgin bridge store was closed in 2007 and Branson joke that may be the picture put people of the idea.

Unknown facts about Virgin groups

9- Branson cried when he sold virgin records for $1 Billion

Branson said that he has emotionally invested each of his company and virgin records is all began. Despite the fact he sold a company for 1 billion dollars in 1992 it wasn’t the joy for Richard because his face was streaming down at that time. Branson said he hates selling things because a company is basically a group of people so it becomes emotional situations. He had to make a difficult decision to sell the company in order to expand and protect his airline brand.

10- Virgin started a social media site years before Facebook.

Virgin student was a social media site before the term social media even existed the site was launched in 2000 with features such as profiles, albums, finding groups and messaging. The site actually has 100,000 users before shut down in 2005 after a series of technical breakdowns and the increasing popularity of my space. Facebook was formed 4 years after the virgin social site was launched.

11- Virgin invested in Hyperloop one

Hyperloop is a company that hopes to build a super-fast transportation system that allows people to move faster on land than in an airplane. In 2017, Richard Branson announced that Virgin group would be investing in the company which knows as Virgin Hyperloop One. The transportation system was allowed passengers to travel 600 to 700 miles per hour.

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12- The Saudi Government is investing $1 billion in Virgin Galactic

In October 2017, it was announced that the Saudi government would be investing $1 billion in Virgin Galactic which is Richard Branson’s space travel company. Part of the investment will also go toward virgin space ship company which is building space vehicles and virgin orbit which plans to offers services of small satellites. The Virgin group says that the potential for space centric industry in Saudi Arabia.

13- Virgin is creating a fleet of supersonic commercial jets

The Virgin groups are teening up with the space startup boom to develop a new fleet of supersonic commercial jets that can travel more than twice the speed of sound. These jets would be able to travel from New York to London in just 3 hours with a ticket costing 5000 dollars per seat.

14- Virgin Voyages began building their first cruise ship in 2017

Virgin Voyages is the new cruise line from the Virgin group that was announced back in 2015. In 2017, construction began on their first cruise ship which was temporarily titled as Virgin One. Virgin Voyages has three ships on order and a total of 2.55 billion dollars. The first cruise is casual to the department of Miami in 2020.

15- Virgin gave free flight to a baby born on their plane

Although it’s a rare occurrence as a certain number of babies is born every year on airplanes when they are in flight. Occasionally when the babies are born in the flight airline to recognize them somewhere or give them special privileges like free flights. Two babies have been born on Virgin Atlantic flight since established in 1994. In 2012, a woman flying from the United Kingdom to Hansberg unexpectedly went on deliver the cruisers went into the back of the plane and helped to deliver a baby boy. Virgin gave the child-free flights.

So these are some unknown and interesting facts about the Virgin group. If you want to know some unknown and interesting facts about the Richard Branson the co-founder of Virgin Group CLICK HERE.

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