15 Unknown Facts About Microsoft

By | March 17, 2020

Here we are going to discuss the 15 unknown and interesting facts about Microsoft company. Microsoft is a Tech Giant that was founded on April 4, 1975 and Microsoft is an American multinational company that built computer software, electronic devices, and personal computers and the famous product of Microsoft is Microsoft Windows. The Microsoft Corporation was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen and the current CEO of Microsoft is Satya Nadella.

Being the first software company in the world Microsoft made computer hardware and managed to become one of the most revolutionized inventions in history and cleared the way to other software innovations. Collaborating with Apple for a short period of time Microsoft managed to develop his own competitive brand and hold one of the most used operating systems in the world at the moment. Microsoft long term plan has been and continues to be putting PC on every desk on every home and they are closed to that goal. Microsoft continues to innovate and holds up to 50,000 patterns in its records including the hollow lens headset being one of the top 5 pattern holders in the US. If you want to know about some interesting facts about Bill Gates and to know about his biography please CLICK HERE.

1- It was founded by the childhood friend Bill Gates and Paul Allen

Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen who met at the time of studying in Lake Side school in Seattle. They quickly develop their friendship through their interest in technology and curiosity they even hacked the security system of computer center corporation a company that immediately asked them to helped them to find their weak spots in their platform.

In 1995, Allen showed an issue on a popular electronic magazine which showcases the Altair 800 the first microcomputer in the world soon after they came up with the idea of developing a programming language for the computer.

2- Microsoft’s headquarters is in continuous expansion

The red mount headquarter is spreading over an 800 million sq ft campus that has been Microsoft homes since 1986. Nowadays around 40,000 employees are worked they are taking a communal connector to work and enjoy many facilities including coffee shops, store, and restaurants you could say that Microsoft has built many city selves and the continue to his expansion.

3- Before Microsoft, there was a Traff-O-Data

However, the two co-founders of Microsoft didn’t become a success overnight over contrary well they on a high school they built a computer that could count traffic organically While the system technically worked they struggle to find a right business model and all of its big flops in the end however they did get something major of the experience the code they hacked was really good they got to know how the micro process is worked which was critical for there next.

4- Microsoft Hustled and chose their partners wisely

It’s fair to say that if two geniuses get together the great thing has happened which is true but even more true is that Paul Allen and Bill Gates knew how to choose their business partners and make great things happened and their partnership with IBM was the most important of all.

IBM needed software for the personal computer and Microsoft was the best company for the challenge 3500 employees are worked their one year of his project and the result was DOS (Disk Operating System) which was the operating system that bought Microsoft big brand. No other company could make the programming language and software of IBM which turned out to be a big hit among consumers.

5- Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft has a net worth of 92,300,000,000 dollars

Bill Gates become the world richest man in 1995 with a net worth of 12.9 billion dollars and maintained his position all in on for decades to come. However, he broke all the record in 1987 when he was at the age of 31 he became the youngest ever billionaire.

It was the year much when Microsoft became public and the company’s growth simply exploded. Paul Allen is a billionaire himself and many Microsoft people became rich for example Steve Ballmer the CEO of Microsoft from 2000-2013 his current net worth is 38.7 billion dollars. According to some sources Microsoft has made 12000 millionaires. And the current net worth of Bill Gates is 92.2 billion dollars.

6- Microsoft has had some user failures in the past

This goes to show that even if you an insanely successful will be failures and low points in your journey. Take an example of Bob the main screen that didn’t happen fortunately for the Microsoft users and the company itself. Bob was a yellow cartoon character with glasses that looked like Bill Gates and his so-called living room was supposed to guide users for example if you clicked on the envelope in the room you opened an email and there is other cartoon characters that were supposed to be included a dog name like rover and many more. The project was banned soon after but some elements even included such as the helper in later versions of Window.

If you want to know about some interesting facts about Bill Gates and to know about his biography please CLICK HERE.

7- Bill Gates had a strange love hate relationship with Steve Jobs

The world seems divided in two, one person like Apple and another one like Microsoft products and there is no way that could ever make or agree with each other that’s what could a long time few between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs they two are actually a friend in the beginning even collaborating Microsoft continued with the software for Apple 2PC that all change Microsoft first-ever release the windows operating system in 1985 and Jobs built that Microsoft has read of his idea. But later they became good friends.

8- Microsoft was sued for monopolizing the browser market

Now the informs case that the United States VS Microsoft corporation made waves in 2001. Basically, the company was acquiesced of having a monopoly and anti-competitive practices that means the Microsoft squash all competitions before even got to the market and it all because of internet explorer at that time you had to pay to use a browser and Microsoft had an idea of making windows come together internet explores as a package. This was a huge deal because it forces Microsoft to divide the company and thus dissolve the empire. However, they reached the settlement in which Microsoft agreed to share their application programming interfaces with third-party developers.

9- Microsoft may be worth of 1000,000,000,000 dollars in 2 years

Whether you are fan or not you have to admit that Microsoft is pretty impressive company they managed stay on the market from the last 43 years and there products are every where and most importantly they are continue to make lot of money. According to Wall Street analyst the money making strike is only to grow and reached one trillion dollars in 2020. In 2017, Microsoft cheers went up more than 35% which was actually better than the competitors Apple and Google did.

10- Microsoft had a revenue of $90,000,000,000 in 2017.

Microsoft is among the Tech Giant because of its innovations and taking the market opportunity as a result the company made 90 billion dollars as of 2017. Once more Microsoft was very trustworthy and generated 22.2 billion dollars as a cash return for holders in the last years. One of the main resources for this growth is Microsoft commercial cloud service which offers products such as Microsoft office 365. However, they pledge to continue expanding their cloud services well also keeping with Artificial intelligence and other emerging technology.

11- Microsoft enabled Bill Gates to help people throughout the world

Microsoft changed how we use and see technology but that was not only the revolutionary idea linked to Microsoft. Bill Gates steps down CEO in 2000 and has been less involved in recent years the reason he want’s to focus on philanthropy through its Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He still would be the richest person in the world had given it the largest fortune away. Gates’s philosophy is that money is not good if you can’t help others and he is doing just that. Now he and his wife worked to improve global healthcare, poverty and involvement in many educational fields.

12- Microsoft has big plans involving AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Microsoft is quietly working on developing its Artificial Intelligence-powered project at least more quietly than google who is constantly promoting them at the recent Microsoft conference for developers that took place in Seattle in May 2018 they reveal their most innovative tools that aim to help company include AI into their process. It was the product has better custom voice recognition and recognize objects better.

13- More than 1,500,000,000 people use windows daily

Microsoft has claimed that they had 1,500,000,000 users of windows per day in 2016 and 1.2 billion for Microsoft Office and that seems impressive because it is 1.7% on earth is pretty much is considering speaking because not everyone has the axis of laptops or computers. At the same time Microsoft saw a shift from windows the Cloud is now the biggest thing they are taking notice off Microsoft office 365 is the most important thing for them now and it shows there are now around 1.20 million users of platform business division only.

14- Microsoft loves code names

It’s like a spy movie but the company loves the code names for its products that they are still developing they receive there store names later on the production stage and Microsoft announces the actual name shortly before its ready to be used by the customers. The code name range from the pretty common once such as code name blue for Windows phone 8.1 and Mefis for window 9.8, Xenon for XBOX 360 and red dog for Microsoft Azure.

15- Microsoft was way ahead of its time

From the startup with many sessions of failures to the giant tech empire today Microsoft journey has been a fascinating one and frankly the world has a lot to take them for they have worked tirelessly to bring personal computers every home and experiment with a different product that had of their computers. For example Microsoft realizes the first tablet in 2001 way ahead Ipad based generated by Apple in 2010. The tablet ran of window XP and suppose to do the same thing that a personal computer could do just failed to drive on the market.

So these are some unknown and interesting facts about the tech giant Microsoft about his success, struggle period and many more related things to Microsoft. If you want to know about some interesting facts about Bill Gates and to know about his biography please CLICK HERE.

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