15 Unknown facts about Jeff Bezos – Founder of Amazon

By | December 31, 2019

1- At starting Amazon sold only books and the very first book sold by amazon was shipped from Jeff garage.

In 1995, the book “fluid concept and creative analogies” became the first books to be bought on Amazon there is no big warehouse of amazon then so this book is packed and dispatched by the Bezos himself.

2- In 1995 when Jeff started Amazon according to business plan for amazon didn’t predict any profit for 5 years.

Bezos predicts the slow growth of the amazon. And Amazon gets the first profit in 2001 after the six-year of his launched and just over the deadline of the business.

3- At the starting days of Amazon Jeff and his staff employees saved money by making desks out the doors.

Amazons first staff get the cheap door and constructs the desk from the doors encourage by Jeff Bezos because they all do not expect the profit for the next five years.

4- He graduated with the highest honors from Princeton University.

The academics of the Bezos are very well. He completed his high school from the Victorian and he went to Princeton University to bachelors of science and engineering alongside electrical engineering and computer science as well graduated with honors and he also selected by the oldest engineering society of the united states.

5- Jeff Bezos was a very strict and tough kind of boss.

Today where is the amazon stand the only reason is that the Bezos always works for the customers complain and they need very formal kind of the system in his office and they regularly discussed the customer problems and complains about their staff and always says “If I get this again I gonna have killed myself.”

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6- Jeff banned Powerpoint presentations at the Amazon team meeting.

Instead of presenting the peoples are setting silence and listen some other on a topic and all team meetings are starting with 30 minutes on reading on the topic and everyone has the own individual thoughts and they encourage critical thinking.

7- Jeff Bezos cares about the customer’s feedback a lot.

Jeff is most caring for his customers and their feedback a lot that’s why today his website amazon.com is a top online shopping website. Because customer feedback is a kind of return gift from customer and you have to catch this feedback and implement in your products according to the customer needs. In amazon, every staff members have to spend two days every two years in the customer service department even Jeff himself does it.

8- Jeff has no space for his warehouse at the starting days of his business.

At starting of amazon, when amazon only sold only books, Bezos would have to source the item after an order came in because Bezos has no space to store books. And he had to troll in many books stores and online retailers to find the books and shipped out them to the customers and make delivery in 60 minutes.

9- In Seattle the house of Jeff where he started amazon still has an enlarged mailbox.

The growing business of amazon has received so many emails and catalogs that the normal mailbox just couldn’t do. So Jeff set up an extra-large mailbox for the catalog which he ordered. The house sold in 2009 and the buyer has no idea that he buys a piece of internet history.

10- At starting Jeff was originally going to name amazon “Cadabra” and “Relentless.com”.

Cadabra the short version of the word Abra ka Dabra was chosen by the Bezos originally for his bookselling website and after that Bezos by a new domain which is relentless.com and sold it out after some time and finally, in 1995 he bought he new domain which was amazon.com.

11- Jeff wanted to marry that girl who was “resourceful”.

In an interview, Bezos discussed his searched for wife and told that he needs a resourceful wife because life is too short to hang out with those who aren’t resourceful and after his searched he married an employee of amazon who is a novelist at present time.

12- On schooldays, Jeff spent his summer working and most of his time with his grandparent’s farm.

He spends his childhood vacation with his grandparents in farm and there he knows about farming and how to handle the cattle.

13- Jeff Bezos’s first job taught him how not to run a company.

Jeff started his first job in Princeton in a startup company called Fitel which are looking for Princeton best computer science graduates and his job required him to fly between New York and London every week which Jeff like this is not a good way to start up a business and after he moves and joins a new job in Bankers Trusts.

14- He also creates commercial spaceflight opportunities with Richard Branson.

Richard Branson the founder of the version group has created the first space commercial line and Jeff Bezos interested in it seen and has established its space commercial line called Blue Origin and it shows their interest out from his business.

15- When Jeff was a teenager he founded a summer camp with his girlfriend.

After a very dissatisfying vacation the teenager Jeff has to be decided to make money and the next summer a established a camp called The dream institute with his girlfriend and charging 600 dollars each and they taught various books theirs like Gulliver Travels and stranger and strange land.

The human brain is an incredible pattern-matching machine-Jeff Bezos

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